Monday, April 12, 2010

Best Wishes Card

Hey Everyone!  Hope you all enjoyed your weekend!  The weather here in CT has been nice and sunny, I started growing some seeds today for my vegetable garden.  I can't wait until I have fresh herbs and veggies right outside!  One of my other hobbies is canning/preserving food and I'm getting perilously low on my homemade salsa so I'm looking forward to making another batch once those tomatoes and peppers come in :)

Thanks for all the cutting mat suggestions- I still couldn't find anything in stores today so I'm going to order some online.  My mats had enough sticky left in them for a few cards today though- phew :)

I got this stamp 40% off at Michaels and knew I wanted to use it on a card but wasn't sure what type of cricut cut would work best with the "best wishes" sentiment and then my hubby suggested stars (coz you wish on stars, get it?)!  Isn't he smart?  And I remembered that there's a star with a great flourish, that kinda matches the one on the stamp, on the home decor cart- and so the sketch was born....

Then I made and assembled my cricut cuts. I used Plantin Schoolbook for the stars, Home decor for the star with the flourish, Gypsy Wanderings for the rectangles, and A Childs Year for the frame.  As I mentioned, my cutting mats were a little less than sticky so I used my mat scraper to flatten down the paper and try to get it as 'stuck on' as possible.

I assembled the pieces and stamped on my sentiment:

One of my pieces above is a tiered ribbon bow.  I'm on a bow kick lately, can you tell?  These are easy to make (just like all the bows I've been using!  i like easy).  First take the two different colors you want in your bow and cut them to size - in some cases you might want them different lengths instead of the same, like I have here.

Then wrap a longer piece of ribbon around them

and tie in a knot! that's it!

So all my pieces were assembled (and *gasp*  NO INKING! haha) so I was ready to put together my card.  For the matting for the background of the card I used a punch to add some interest.

I used some pop dots to add the frame and more to add the final star (see finished product below).  These ended up being quick and simple cards- I made 7 total!  Sometimes it's nice to have a card that's not too involved, but I still think it looks sharp :) Hope you enjoy!!

(and if you've won any of my giveaways you'll be getting one [along with your winnings] in the mail sometime this week!)

Finished Product:


  1. Beautiful card! I love the simplicity of it. What a great stamp too! The hubbies are not always as clueless as they lead on about card making.

  2. I really like this card! It's such a great layout and I love your color and paper choices. VERY nice! Aloha, J:)

  3. Your blog is my absolute favorite! I love all the step by step photos -- but the coolest thing is how you sketch and then show the Gypsy layout. I just got a Gypsy and this is so incredibly helpful. You do amazing work all around!! Thank you for sharing.


  4. I absolutely love this card! Thank you so much for sending it to me! Thank you so much for the cricut cartridge! I am so excited that I won!

    Thanks again!


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