Monday, April 5, 2010

Stuffed Animals Card

Hi there! Hope everyone had a great Easter! I went to New Hampshire with my husband and two doggies to visit the in laws. I spent so much time outside reading in the sun the back of my ears are burnt haha ouch. Of course the great weather was worth it :)

Onto today's card (i will have another for you most likely tomorrow!): I came up with this idea in response to some cute baby clothes we received last week. I thought a cute baby themed thank you card was in order and I always loved those little animals on the New Arrival cart but never got to use them. I also thought adding some faux stitching around the border would make them look like little stuffed animals and that would be cute. I wanted to make 4 of these cards (they're pretty detailed so it was a tall order) that way I'd be prepared in case we receive anything else.

Onto the sketch! I think this one might possibly be the worst sketch yet! haha but it got the job done :)

I actually made these Gypsy cut files when I was waiting to meet with my midwife. Haha love my Gypsy! That was one of the first times I actually used it outside of the house and I'll tell you it was pretty handy

I used New Arrival for the little stuffed animals, Tags Bags Boxes and More for the tag, the oval was from Gypsy Wanderings but I manipulated it to make it narrower, and the balloons are from A Child's Year.

The animals were the most time consuming part of the card but I think the attention to detail definitely pays off. First I assembled them:

Then I added some faux stitching around all the borders

Then I inked the borders in a dark red/brown ink

For the balloon cuts I also inked the edges in a corresponding color and added a white "reflection" line. THe "Thank You" is a rubber stamp I had lying around. I had a pretty good assembly line going for all my bits and pieces :)

The background of the card was pretty simple- I just inked the edges of all the componenets. Then I started adding my cuts, tags, and animals :)

I added all the animals flat except the giraffe which I pop dotted. Why him? Coz I thought he was the cutest :P


I inked the edges of both papers used for the background, one for a border and one for the white writing area.

I also assembled the 'charms' cutouts i had made and inked the edges of those as well but in a lighter color. I also faux stiched around the borders before attaching those to the inside.

Finished Card:


It took a while to make 4 of these but I'm pretty happy with the end result. THe good thing about making multiple cards like this is that you can always change your aspects of your design after you've made the first one. See if you can tell the differences between my first card and my final design :) My husband only picked up on one difference but there are definitely more than that!


  1. This is adorable! I love the baby animals...super cute!!

  2. Super cute!!! Wonderful card and I love the charms...

  3. I love this animal thank you card. I do not have the gypsy. Do you have to own the gypsy inorder to use a cut file. If not do you have a cut file for the animals.thanks I love it

  4. I'd be happy to give you the CUT files. I just saved them on my computer but I'm not sure if they are going to open in design studio- maybe you could test them out and if they don't open in your design studio I'll give you detailed instructions for sizes and cuts instead. That way might be easier too since you don't have a Gypsy and one of the cut files utilizes more than one cartridge on a page. Just let me know your email address (you can email me at


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