Thursday, April 8, 2010

Sympathy Cards

Hey everyone! Just a quick update to show you some sympathy cards I made today. My mom needed 4 by tomorrow so these were pretty quick and simple. Hope you enjoy!

Just a simple design with tulips. The tulips are from Pooh and Friends (who woulda thought, right?) and the background shape is from Gypsy Wanderings. This card was a 6x4 instead of the 7x5 cards I've been making lately.

First I made my cricut cuts and then I inked all the pieces of the tulips with a brown ink. I then embossed the flower parts only with the Swiss dots embossing folder. Lastly I glued the tulips onto a shadow I had cut out in brown.

I used a blue paper for the background and a stamp for the "With Sympathy" sentiment. All pieces added were inked around the borders in the same shade as I did the flowers. I used a 2nd brown shadow of the tulips for the base of the card and then pop dotted the tulips (made above) on top of that for some added dimension.

Lastly I wanted to add a bow, and I chose a tailored bow in particular (over a classic bow) because I thought it added some sophistication. If you have never made one of these before it is very simple--

First cut a length of ribbon TWICE the length you want the final bow to end up being

Then adhere each end to the center of the ribbon. Don't worry about the seam because we will cover it

Then take a smaller 2nd piece of ribbon and wrap it around the seam. I adhered the bottom first and then the top but it doesn't really matter. I also like to make sure there's some glue on the seam of the ribbon to make sure its well adhered.

Voila! I love these bows, they look so nice but are so easy!

Once I added the bow to my cards I was all done. I didn't do anything for the inside since these were quick and simple cards.

Finished Product

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  1. This is so cute and thanks for the great instructions. I love your blog!


  2. Nice! Thanks for your step by step instructions!

  3. Really pretty. I like the colors and the layout. Also really like the raised areas to give it dimension, super card! Aloha, J:)


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