Sunday, April 11, 2010

Where oh where are my cutting mats!!!

I have been on an impossible battle trying to find some 12x12 cutting mats!  3 Wal-Marts, 2 Michaels, Oh My Crafts, Custom Crops, and my local crafting stores are ALL out :( I have much Cricut-ting to do and my mats are super super old and hardly even sticky anymore.

Anyone else having this problem?  Has anyone been lucky enough to find any?  Where where where?  I'm trying to get them at an actual store over an online store because i need them yesterday....

Okay I'll *try* and get some crafting done today so I can post a project but on these yucky mats I'm not making any promises :)


  1. Here are a few places you might try...hope you find them. Also below is a link to a Youtube video on how to restick your old mat.

  2. I found some at WalMart on Thursday - bought two packs as I have heard they seem to be tricky to get

    Was going to recommend the same thing as Alison - try restickying your current mat - I have done that a few times and works great - used Zig 2 way glue pens - works like a charm - so if you have any of those on hand try using those to hold you over!

    Cant wait to see some new creations

  3. Thanks ladies! I'm heading to Wal Mart today (yet another one) and if theyre out i'm going to buy a couple big fat zig 2 way glue pens to stickify my mats. I think this mat situation is correlating with card making block so hopefully I'll get a project up soon!

  4. Cassie -

    I always re-sticky my mats. The best way to get them clean is a product called "Goo-Gone" and then wash them with warm, soapy water and dry completely. Then I use the wide tip Zip 2-way and run stripes vertically and horizontally, making sure to completely cover the cutting area. Let them dry for an hour or two. Good as new!

    Love your blog and all of your wonderful creations!

    -- Jennifer


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