Monday, May 10, 2010

90th Birthday Party

Hey everybody!!  Just got back from my trip to Washington and thought I'd post the projects I made to celebrate my Grandfathers 90th birthday.  90 years old- wow!  The trip was real fun (no jet lag!) and our entire family went to my Grandfathers house to celebrate together on Saturday night.  Unfortunately it's going to be my last plane ride until the baby is born as after next week I'll be in the 3rd trimester.  It's going by fast!  Anyways, onto crafting!

First, here's the finished scrapbook I made my GrandpaDad (We call him GrandpaDad because as a little girl my cousin couldn't figure out why her mom called him "Dad" but she had to call him "Grandpa" so she just merged the two and it caught on :) ).  Most of these pages I showed already but I figured I'd have one post with the entire finished product in it.  In case you missed the first post: This scrapbook is a place to store "memory cards".  I gave each family member 2x 5x7 cards to write down their favorite memories of GrandpaDad and then each persons memory cards will go in their corresponding scrapbook page.  At the party we had everyone read their favorite memories out loud :)

Most notably I used Winter Woodland and A Child's Year among many other cartridges for this scrapbook.  If you have any questions on other carts or cut files let me know and I'll be happy to share.  Enjoy!


The End!  Of the scrapbook at least :)  One of the other things we did at the party was have all of my GrandpaDad's qualities/hobbies/interests (good and bad muhaha), like "Gardener" etc, cut out and placed in a basket.  We each drew a 'quality' from the basket and then said aloud why we thought Grandpa had that quality and who in the family inherited it.  We had about 30 different qualities available for the drawing- some of which led to some funny stories! hehe I used Plantin Schoolbook and the End Caps feature for all of these tags

For any 'qualities' that were long I used a brad to connect the two words--(the quality below is definitely one I inherited hehe)

I also made some food and place labels for the party.  These were relatively basic- I used Storybook to cut out the number '90' and then glued the numbers onto a folder piece of cardstock.

For the h'ors d'ouevre display:

At the table:

And last but not least, the birthday card (re post again!)

And that was everything!  It was definitely a fun party :)  Now onto trying to catch up on my layouts!



  1. Wow!!! that turned out great! Love it!! and that card is awesome! Wonderful job. Sounds like you had a great time.

  2. You done a wonderful job on his book. Love it all and might have to scraplift a couple pages.

  3. I found your blog today from the cricut chirp. You do amazing work. It is all so well planned out and beautifully done. I hope you don't mind my scraplifting. Thank you for sharing your incredible talent.

  4. What a great idea! I absolutely love this album! I think this would be a great idea for such a special birthday!! And I can just hear the stories now! AWESOME!

  5. Really cute and creative!! I also got a laugh about what you said on cricut chirp regarding stamping (I thought that was just me!). Thanks for sharing.

  6. This is awesome. I love your work. I will definitely visit your blog often and mark it as a favorite. What cartridge did you use for the names?

  7. Thanks for the comments everyone- I really appreciate all the kind words!! I've been getting questions about the font a LOT and in case any one is curious it is from Winter Woodland. I will post a tutorial either tonight or tomorrow in case anyone wants any more information :) Please dont hesitate with any other questions! Thanks!!



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