Monday, May 24, 2010

Beach Themed Wedding Cards

Hi everyone!  I have four wedding invitations to show you today.  My cousin is having a small, beach wedding in July and asked if I would make her invitations (only 10 thank goodness haha).  I accepted and these are the 4 cards I came up with that she got to choose from.  Which one is your favorite?



So these are the cards I showed her, which one do you think she picked?  My personal favorite is number 2 :)  Anywaaaaays she ended up choosing #1 (I like this one too though)!  Since she picked #1 I'm just going to show you how I made that one card but I have photo's on how I made each of these cards, so if anyone is interested I can send information to you- just email me at

The main "envelope" part of this card is a 5.5x5.5 in square with a 2.5in lip in order to hold the invitation.  So I needed to cut some heavy cardstock at 5.5 x 8 inches and then score at 5.5in in order to get the bend.  All steps I did ten times because 10 invitations were needed.

I then wanted a design as the background.  I needed the thickness of the cardstock but didn't want this to be the background of the entire card so I adhered strips of patterned paper to give it some more pizzaz (did I just say pizzaz??).  One of the things I was careful to do with these cards was to measure EVERYTHING out to keep each and every invitation consistent.  If I'm just making thank you cards or something like that I usually wing it or do matting by eye, but since these all needed to look perfect I made sure to keep all cuts consistent.

Background for main piece: 5.25x5.25in
Background for front flap: 5.25x2.25in

I also added some blue striping to the card for some added color

Blue Stripe for main piece: 5.25x2inch
Blue Stripe for front flap: 5.25x1/2inch

And then I also cut out the matting and stamping surface for the seashell stamp

Mat: 2.75x2.25in (tan paper)
Stamp: 2.5x1 7/8in (white paper) and then stamp

So all of these pieces were the main parts of the card. I cut out each piece that I needed ten times and then went back through to all of them and added details. I inked all pieces and added some white faux stitching to the blue pieces. Then I got everything ready in an assembly line and started adhering. The assembly line way is much faster than doing one card at a time (seriously, ask Henry Ford)

I used my Crop-a-dile to add eyelets to the front flap (that go through the entire 'envelope'), the ribbon will run through these eyelets and they'll also serve to keep the 'envelope' closed on the sides.

Once all the 'envelopes' (theyre not really envelopes but I'm not sure what else to call them...) were done I set out on the invitations.  I printed out the information on my computer using resume paper (so a bit thicker) and then matted matted matted that so it would be a thick and hefty invitaiton.  These are the final sizes used:

Text: 4.75x3.75in
Tan Matting: 5x4in
Blue Matting: 5.25x4.25in
Dark Blue Border: 5.5x4.5in (the envelope is 5.5in square, but we lose some width because of the eyelets so the invitation must be thinner than the envelope here)
Backside of invitation: 5.4x4.4in

Again, I cut everything out ten times and then did the assembly line thing


And I also covered the backside of the invitiation (the blue border paper is actually a patterened paper and I didn't like the backside of it, didn't really go with the rest of the invitation, so I covered it) which makes this a 5 layer invite, which gave it just the right amount of heft IMO.

Then I added an orange flower to the invites and a white ribbon/bow to the 'envelopes' and was all set :)  I'll repost the pics in case you forgot the finished product :P

I had to special order some 5.75x5.75 square envelopes (actual ones...) to mail these babies in and once they get here I'll be all done! Sure had fun working on these but now back to scrapbooking! I'm almost done with 2008 (yikes! I am SO behind!)

Hope you enjoy :)


  1. these are BEAUTIFUL! You had me at "beach" lol.

  2. Your cards are amazing! You make it look so easy though; it takes me forever to make one project! Thanks for sharing :)

  3. Everything you do is wonderful! I love your invites. My fav is the one with the shell stamp, followed by the yellow shells. TFS!


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