Sunday, May 2, 2010

Mothers Day Card

Hi everyone! Hope you all have had a fun and productive National Scrapbooking Day :)  I got quite a lot of layouts and cards done :)  I'll post one card on this post because I took pictures of the process and then I'll make another post tomorrow or Monday with all of my other "My Pink Stamper" challenge creations, but these won't have photo tutorials because I just don't have time!  Maybe you'll be able to get some inspiration anyways :P

Speaking of inspiration- this Mother's Day card is a scraplift from a post I saw on the Everyday Cricut blog here -->  I really liked the idea of this card and decided to basically copy it.  I did make some changes though, one of the main ones being that I wanted to use larger pictures so I had to do all my measurements from scratch instead of being able to use the ones that were already provided.  So I'm providing measurements for all the separate componenets but don't forget that this isn't my design ;)

Here's the sketch.  I have always, since I was little, called my mom by her first name: Peggy. So it's not a Mother's Day card it's really a Peggy's Day card, get it? hehe

As you can see from the sketch I wanted to be able to use 3 pictures: each 3.5x5inches, since these are easy to trim from a 4x6 photo.  I also wanted a quarter inch border around the photo for each photo "pocket".  So I got started cutting the base for my card-- since I was using larger photo's I ended up needing to make a long base card piece so I used 12x24inch cardstock.

Then I added the background paper which I cut and then inked in blue before adding to the card base

Then I got started on the photo pockets

Then a darker purple piece to serve as the mat for the final picture (with a quarter inch border around the picture)

To decorate the outside of the photo pockets I added a piece of patterned cardstock and used a Martha Stewart border punch along the bottom.  On the inside I added the photo I wanted to use and a box of yellow cardstock at the top for a note about the picture.

On to decorating!! All that measuring got pretty boring pretty fast!  I used Pooh and Friends for the flower bouquet and Indie Art (i's hard to remember when you use a Gypsy!) for the butterflies.

I inked all the pieces in a corresponding ink color and I embossed some pieces as well using the Swiss Dots folder.

Then I started assembling the pieces and adding to the fronts of the photo pockets.  I didnt glue down all the butterfly wings flat because I wanted some dimension.  I cut out the base of each design twice so I could use pop dots in between the layers to give some dimension

Then once all these were done I added ribbons and bows.  Then these were added to the card base made above.  phew!  Like making three cards at once!

Onto the outside!  This was referred to on the original project as a belly band, so belly band it is!  Sounds cute, huh?  Anyways first I cut some cardstock and glued some patterned paper to that and then rolled it together to make the band.

Then for the label I used my gypsy and cut out the name Peggy using Gypsy font and the flourish from Home Decor.

I inked the edges of the name in purple, glued the name and flourish to the belly band, and voila! all done!  (finally....!)

Here's the card unopened: (sorry the picture is crooked!)

Here's the inside:

And with one of the pockets opened:

Definitely a fun project but pretty time consuming!  Anyways, hope you all enjoy :)


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