Monday, May 3, 2010

National Scrapbook Day: My Pink Stamper Challenges

Hi everyone!  Well it has been a CRAZY two days!  I tried to do all 12 of the My Pink Stamper blog's challenges and actually got through 11 of them :)  I'm also leaving for my Grandfathers 90th birthday out in Washington next week so I've been getting a scrapbook together for him.  I was able to work the challenges into a lot of the scrapbook pages for his book.  Since a lot of these projects are from his scrapbook I'll explain a little bit what it's about.  For his bday dinner we are all going to write down our two favorite memories of my Grandpa on "memory cards" and we'll read them out loud.  Then I made the scrapbook as a place to store all of the memory cards from the party!  So there's a page for each family member to put their memory cards in there.  Hope that makes sense :)  Anyways onto the projects and the challenges!!  I'm still not done with the scrapbook so I will post the last couple pages soon--

To see all of the challenges on the MPS blog go here:

Challenge #1: Mothers Day Card (see previous post)

Challenge #2: Make a Project using your scraps

I happenned to have the brown card with the green background and the two yellow-framed white boxes lying around so I used them to test out a stamp set I bought ages ago but hadn't gotten a chance to use.  Is it my favorite card ever? Nope.  But glad I finally got to use that stamp set and cleaned out at least a FEW of my many scraps :)  And it's a good boy card and we all know what a pain those can be!

Challenge #3: Use a new technique

I had a good time with this one! I tried a stenciling technique using the negative of a cricut cut and my Tim Holtz ink applicator (and some Walnut Stain distress ink). I think it turned out pretty cool!  This page is from my Grandpadad's scrapbook.  The white blocks are 5x7inch memory cards that will be filled out by my relatives once I get out to Washington

Challenge #4: Use the cartridge you like the least

I enjoyed this one too!  I might not like this cartridge the least anymore after being forced to use it :) My least favorite cart is/was From My Kitchen.  I thought I would have a million uses for it seeing as I love to cook and I had hardly ever used it.  My Grandpa is a farmer so I thought some of the country style images on this cart might work out well.

Challenge #5: Make a project for a teacher --> this is the only one I didn't do :(  I don't have a teacher because I'm not in grad school at the moment and I have no children that have teachers.  If i feel super ambitious tonight maybe I'll try for this one.....but probably not....

Challenge #6: Do a project with a child or use a child in a project

I love how this one came out :) A Child's Year is such a great cartridge!  I used this layout for another challenge as well

Challenge #7: Make something for your father
Challenge #8: Make something monochromatic

This is actually a birthday card for my GRANDfather but I figure it still counts as a type of 'father' :) Can you believe he's 90 years old!  woweeee!  I also used this for the monochromatic challenge.  It's not my favorite card ever and to be honest, I kinda hurried through it because I wanted to go downstairs and take a break from crafting! haha but if anyone asks I spent hours on it ;)

Challenge #9: Make a shape card or scrapbook page

This challenge was fun in particular because i NEVER in a million years would have thought to do a layout like this- but I really like the result!  My grandpadad (Sorry, I call him GrandpaDad- not Grandfather) has a westie terrier he just loves named "sassy" so I thought I'd do an homage to him :)

Challenge #10: Do a Springy project or use Springy colors

Challenge #11: Use one or all colors of the rainbow

This is the same project I used for Challenge #6, but why not kill two birds with one stone?  There's not quite every color in the rainbow on this project (notably purple and orange) but the paper looks rainbow-y to me!

Challenge #12: Use a critter!

My grandfather and I used to catch bugs together back when I was a little girl so I thought I'd use those for embellishments in this layout :)

And that was all the challenges! phew!  I also did 4 more scrapbook pages that didn't fit into a challenge so I'll just post those here

This page is for my Aunt Penny to store her memory cards.  She's a fabulous quilter so I wanted the page to look a little bit like a quilt by adding fake stitching.  It looks pretty neat in person :)  I went 'faux stitching' crazy on pretty much every layout in this scrapbook!  I think it gave the pages some neat dimension though.

These pages are for my uncle and my dad- neither of which are particularly big talkers so I gave them each only one memory card (theyre both in laws anyways :P).  My dad and grandfather are always competing over who has the better truck (it's an ongoing joke) so I thought I'd put both of their trucks on my dad's page.  My uncle was in the air force and my grandpa was military as well so I added a couple military-like embellishments from the Indie Art cartridge.

SOOOO i believe that is IT! phew!  Please don't hesitate to ask if you have any questions and thanks for looking!  Hope you enjoyed :) I'm going to go put my feet up hehe



  1. Love ALL of your projects. They are amazing! Thanks so much for participating in the challenges.


  2. Amazing projects! Love the details in each and every layout.

    Thanks for sharing.

  3. Beautiful pages. Could you do a video or step by step description on how you do your lettering? It is beautiful. Thanks

    I just found your website and it's not in my favorits.


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