Thursday, May 27, 2010

Some Recent Layouts

Hi everyone!  Just a quick post today to show you some layouts I've been working on lately.  I have tutorials for all of these layouts but it's just too darn hot up here in my scrapbook room to type everything all out (no AC up here and it's been 80-90 degrees here in CT....) so if anyone has questions feel free to email me.  These layouts ALMOST polish off 2008 with the exception of a two page New Years Eve layout I still need to do, but I'm getting there!!

Honeymoon Layouts:


There we are feeding dolphins at Sea World- fun times!  This layout was done using Life's a Beach and inspired by my all time favorite scrapbooker Monique Griffith -- see her original post here:


This layout was done using Mickey Font cartridge. The sketch was based from a layout in PageMaps by Becky Fleck

Again, I used Mickey Font for this quick 2 page layout.

Christmas Layouts 2008:

Hehe silly pictures!  Someone gave us fake teeth in our stockings that year and this was the result :)  I thought the pictures spoke for themselves so I kept the layout simple.  I used a sketch from Scrapbooks Etc and turned it on its side.  I used Designer Calendar for the "Hillbilly" and Christmas for the "Christmas" (imagine that...)

Yes I just scrapbooked pictures of my crafting (crafting of crafting)......wierd, i know. BUT that Christmas was the first Xmas that I had my Cricut E so I made homemade gift baskets for all my family and was very proud of being able to use my Cricut to make them look nice.  So I just like to keep these pictures to remember when I first got my Cricut :)  Sketch is from Scrapbooks, Etc.


Just some pictures of us opening our gifts that year.  Sketch from Scrapbooks, Etc and gift cuts were from Gypsy Wanderings.

Okay I think that's it :)  Wish me luck with finishing 2008-- so close!!

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  1. OMG - these layouts are GORGEOUS! I can't decide which one is my favorite - I love them all!



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