Saturday, June 26, 2010

New Projects!

YIKES it's been ages since I updated!! Sorry about that!  I *have* been busy though, here are some of the projects I've been working on, hope you enjoy :)

(Click picture to enlarge)


I made 20 (4 of each design) of these cards as Thank You cards for my baby shower tomorrow. 


I also made another 5 of my Stuffed Animal Thank You Cards (See here for original post:

Here's a Get Well Soon Card using the new B is for Boy cartridge:

and a Father's Day Card (super simple, dad cards are so hard!).  My dad also has an invention called a "Water Wheel"- it's a kayak cart - and I attempted to recreate the logo with my Cricut to decorate the envelope.  It's actually not too too far off!  See the original logo here:

And lastly a Thank You Card!  This was for my Dad also, but you need to know the story behind it to understand it.  Our dryer vent was plugged up with a birds nest (so it turned out) and our clothes weren't getting dry so my Dad came over with a ladder and cleaned out the vent for us- good for us, bad for the birdies living there- and thus this thank you card :P  Get it? hehe

So that's been it for cards lately (although I have some more planned!) and onto scrapbook layouts!

Scrapbook Pages:

April Showers Bring May Flowers (please tell me you get why there are watering cans on this first husband didn't......I was hoping to make it look like the rain was coming from the watering cans.....anyone....?)

My Garden- May and June

New Years Eve 2008 (sorry for the horrible photo quality eek)

Summer Sweets

Puppy Playdate:

New House:

AAAAND that's it for now!  Told you I'd been busy ;)  And of course I have way more pages planned, I'm hoping to get close to finished/caught up by the time baby gets here in August!

As always please email me or comment with any questions and I'd be happy to answer them.  Thanks!


Thursday, June 10, 2010

Some Recent Layouts

Hi everyone!  Just a few layouts I've made recently to share.  I can't take a decent picture of a 2 page layout for the life of me (especially one with photo's already in it because of the glare) so apologies for the yucky photos.  It's a shame, they look better in person!  Anyways I will get back to doing tutorials and cards soon, just trying to push out some LO's relatively quickly in the meantime :)  Hope you enjoy!!

Freshly Picked Cartridge

Mini Monsters Cartridge:

Snow Day Layout (Winter Woodland and Gypsy Wanderings):

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Quick Update (Hello Thursday, Cricut Lite)

Hi everyone!!  Sorry for the long delay between posts- I have been crazy busy the last week.  We just completed our birthing class last week and then I got a super part-time job as a Cricut demonstrator :)  So I was busy preparing for that and then on Saturday I was demo-ing the Cricut Expression in Hamden, CT at JoAnne Fabrics and on Sunday I was demo-ing it in Everett, MA at Michaels.  The Michaels in Everett is awesome by the way- one heck of a Cricut section!  Here in CT the Cricut sections tend to look more like an afterthought.  Anyways I got a chance to work with the 4 new cartridges and they're fabulous!  I have done some projects with these carts and will post them soon, hopefully by tomorrow. 

What i REALLY wanted to post about was all of this hub bub about Hello Thursday.  Well the cat's out of the bag and, if you don't already know, the big announcement is the development of Cricut Lite cartridges.  These are mini carts (bigger than the Solutions carts but smaller than a normal size cart) with 50 images each and they are sold exclusively at WalMart (or so I understand it).  They're coming out with a whole line of these guys and if you 'd like to see the themes you can check out either of these blogs:

There's some pretty neat ones ( including a cat cartridge which I've been hearing people begging about for a while now :P)- I personally love the carousel one the best so far :)  These will retail for $39, although I'm sure the price will come down in a bit. 

Anyways, hope that can tide you over until Thursday when you can see everyone's Hello Thursday projects :)