Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Quick Update (Hello Thursday, Cricut Lite)

Hi everyone!!  Sorry for the long delay between posts- I have been crazy busy the last week.  We just completed our birthing class last week and then I got a super part-time job as a Cricut demonstrator :)  So I was busy preparing for that and then on Saturday I was demo-ing the Cricut Expression in Hamden, CT at JoAnne Fabrics and on Sunday I was demo-ing it in Everett, MA at Michaels.  The Michaels in Everett is awesome by the way- one heck of a Cricut section!  Here in CT the Cricut sections tend to look more like an afterthought.  Anyways I got a chance to work with the 4 new cartridges and they're fabulous!  I have done some projects with these carts and will post them soon, hopefully by tomorrow. 

What i REALLY wanted to post about was all of this hub bub about Hello Thursday.  Well the cat's out of the bag and, if you don't already know, the big announcement is the development of Cricut Lite cartridges.  These are mini carts (bigger than the Solutions carts but smaller than a normal size cart) with 50 images each and they are sold exclusively at WalMart (or so I understand it).  They're coming out with a whole line of these guys and if you 'd like to see the themes you can check out either of these blogs:



There's some pretty neat ones ( including a cat cartridge which I've been hearing people begging about for a while now :P)- I personally love the carousel one the best so far :)  These will retail for $39, although I'm sure the price will come down in a bit. 

Anyways, hope that can tide you over until Thursday when you can see everyone's Hello Thursday projects :)


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  2. How did you get a chance to be a demonstrator for the cricut? I would love to do that :)



  3. Hi Alison, I just saw a post asking for demonstrators on the cricut messageboard, applied, and voila :) Its a lot of fun!


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