Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Cricut Job Opportunity and my (Finished!) 2009 Scrapbook

Hi everybody!!  Long time no see huh?  I've been really busy preparing for the baby, napping, scrapbooking, and napping.  I'm so TIRED lately!  Only 2 more weeks until my due date, but hopefully he'll make an appearance a little bit sooner (wishful thinking?).  Anyways a couple things

If anyone is located in CT (or knows someone who is), would you be interested in demoing the Cricut?  If so, please let me know and I'll get you in contact with the right person.  I've done it and it's a lot of fun!  Just shoot me an email at GlueMeetsPaper@gmail.com

I also just, finally, finished my 2009 scrapbook!! I'm so happy to have it done :)  I'm going to post photo's of the entire thing in this post so you can see it from beginning to end.  There's not a theme throughout the whole book or anything but I'll post the whole thing anyways.  I've started utilizing photo collage templates and have been LOVING them, they make putting the pages together so quick and easy yet they look so sharp!  Anyways, some of these pages you've seen before and some you haven't so I hope you enjoy!

Click Picture to Enlarge

voila! I'm almost up to date with my 2010 scrapbook and working on finishing up my Pregnancy Scrapbook so stay tuned for those (hopefully soon!). As always, let me know if you have questions about anything you see!


  1. Love the post, Cassie! Your scrapbook looks great!

  2. Good luck on having him early, those last weeks can really feel like forever. lol Great album!! Wish I could get caught up. I'm still doing my wedding album, and we've been married over 10 years. So kudos to you

  3. wonderful layouts!!! I am a 2 page scrapper and enjoyed seeing your doubles. I know you're expecting a little one here soon; but I just started a challenge blog http://thepapervariety.blogspot.com and would love you

  4. Wow, I just spent some time looking through your cards and layouts. They are all wonderfull. I love how you put your sketches with your finished projects. I kinda always work my way up to the finish. I do have something in my mind, but it almost always ends up beeing way different. Thank you for your inspiration :)).

    Greetings from the Netherlands :))


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