Friday, September 17, 2010

Baby Boy!

Hi everyone!  Sorry for the looooong delay in posting (I seem to apologize for this everytime I think....) but I've been busy with my new son, Charlie :)  He arrived 8/28/10 (10 days late) weighing in at 9lb 3oz via C section.  We tried so hard for a home birth but it just wasn't in the cards for us- I was fully dilated and had been pushing for 5 hours without significant progress when Charlie's heart rate sped up and we transferred to a hospital, once the section was underway we found out that his head was tilted to the side and that's why he wasn't coming out despite all the pushing! Needless to say he had quite a conehead his first day of life :)  Anyways I just wanted to introduce everyone to baby Charlie and I'll have my finished Pregnancy Album posted up here shortly, I hope!! (I'm about 6 pages short, I'm hoping to find some time to finish them up soon!)

Here he is at 2 weeks :)

Ain't he a cutie?


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