Wednesday, October 6, 2010

"With Gratitude" Thank You Card

Yes, a post! A real post, with photo instructions and everything!  About time- jeez! 

Anyways I've mostly been working on thank you cards in my limited spare time.  These are some super simple ones I made using B is for Boy. Although simple can be nice I have more fun doing detailed cards so I made a bunch of simple ones then started on a more fun one :)

Here's the sketch (from Originals book) and then my sketch with corresponding measurements.

Then I started cutting the pieces and making the cards (which are 6x6).  I embossed the green cardstock and inked all the individual pieces with Tim Holtz distress ink.

Then I started assembling these on the card.  After they were all added I added some fake 'stitching' details with a fine tip sharpie.  I think it really makes a big difference!

Then I started working on the inside square of the card.  I made a thin red border by cutting paper at 3x3in square.  The inner white paper was cut at 2.75x2.75in.  I inked both pieces and added some stitching to the red border.  I used a circular rubber stamp to add some detail to this piece and a vintage-y distressed kinda vibe- then the piece was adhered to the card.

Next I added a matching dark red ribbon to the top of the card (cut at 18') by punching a hole in the seam of the card and running the ribbon through the front flap and finishing it off with a knot.

I also made a distressed tag.  I used the Tags Bags Boxes and More Cricut cartridge to cut out the tags and inked the edges with distress ink (both "Old Paper" and "Tea Dye" from Tim Holtz, both colors gave it a bit more dimension) and then added a "With Gratitude" stamp. This was then added to the card a bit off center.

Next the fun part, I made a rosette to be featured in the center of the card.  First I cut strips of yellow paper 3/4in by 7 in and distressed the whole strip.  I then carely did a fan fold (taking care to make each fold relatively the same width, otherwise the rosette won't lay flat) and glued the edges together.  Once that was dry I could push down to form the rosette and to prevent it from folding in on itself I glued a small piece of scrap paper to the center on each side.  I finished the rosette off with a button in the center and then glued it to my final card. 

For the inside of the card I just cut some squares, matted them (inking the outermost), and popped em on the inside.  Dimensions are: Outermost- 5.75x5.75 Middle- 5x5 Inner- 4.75x4.75

And here is the finished card:

Hope you enjoy!

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