Thursday, January 6, 2011

New Header and New Layouts!

Wellllllllllllll....whaddya think??? The new header?  You like?  I love it!  My wonderful hubby helped me with the photography and website-y stuff :) I made it using Noel Mignon's kit, Very Virginia!

I also wanted to remind everyone to check below for the WINNERS of my giveaway :) You have until Monday to email me ( your address before I pull new winners instead, so hurry up :)

Here are two layouts I've been working on recently

This is Charlie at 4wks, he goes from super smiley and cute to ridiculously upset within about 10 seconds so I thought I'd make a layout showcasing that hehe.

This one is about this super ugly orange chair we have.  My husband works at a furniture store and they removed this chair from someone's house (when they went to drop off a new piece) and were going to trash it (imagine that....) until my husband snagged it up.  He came home with it sticking out of the trunk of his car one day and I've been stuck with it ever since.  It's mismatches all our furniture and I just hate the thing but the dogs LOVE it, they sit on it every day and keep guard in front of the window haha. 

Hope you enjoy!  Have a great weekend, and if you're in CT I hope you get a snow day tomorrow :D


  1. Just started following your blog (found you through MPS DT call). I don't remember what your banner was before, but this one is lovely. Love the color, flowers and pearls! I also had to laugh at your Jekyll & Hyde layout. I have my own Jeklly and Hyde layout ( for my son. But he is 11 so it isn't nearly as cute! TFS

  2. Your layouts are great! Love the Jekyll & Hyde one, and your baby is beautiful! This is a great time with baby; enjoy it. Dogs are cute too. Like your new header, very cool; I wish I understood all that website-y stuff. Great job!

  3. Hi I have just found your website and I am very glad I have!

    You are a very talented lady and your blog is great.

    I look forward to following you and getting inspiration!

    Best of luck


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