Saturday, April 23, 2011

Scrapbooking Meets Advertising

Hi everybody!! I have a fun project I worked on this week to share with you today :)  So a little backstory- my husband is a graphics/web designer/photographer for a furniture store and he makes a lot of the ads that go up within the store.  He came home on Wednesday frustrated because he couldn't think of anything for a Mother's Day sign (let's admit it, this isn't a man's strong suit).  I said "well gee I could come up with that in a flash" so we decided to make a few simple paper flowers and he would use them for the ad.

So upstairs I went to my scrapbooking room to make a cool card with flowers on it when Robb told me "Just put it on a white background!! Nothing else!"  UUUUMMMM whattttttt???  Just some flowers on a white background?  How boring!  So I made this boring stinky card that I did NOT like (using Delightfully Domestic from Noel Mignon)

But Robb had a vision and he was totally right in the end to have a stark white background.  This is what he did with it

Beautiful huh?  He's so talented :)  Robb's style is so clean and mine is way more convoluted haha.  So having that boring card lying around just drove me nuts so I knew I had to make it again, the RIGHT way this time.  So here's what I came up with.  It totally wouldn't have worked for the ad but at least I can give it to someone without being embarassed :P

And here's the comparison!  Hope you enjoyed my foray into the advertising world :D

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