Saturday, July 2, 2011

Layout Tag!

Hi everyone!  Just going to stop by for a quick post- the weather is far too nice to stay inside- my pool is calling my name :)  However I will have some exciting news next week so hang tight!

I took part in a layout tag challenge and thought I'd share my layout here.  It also occured to me that I never ever do tutorials anymore (just no time!) so I figured I'd do a teensy mini- tutorial.

If you're a long-time follower you'll know that I always like to make a sketch before I scrap anything.  I definitely still do this!  This is the sketch I used- based off of the layout I received for the challenge

I decided to make the single photo into 2 but other than that I stayed pretty true to the sketch, although I did move it up and to the left a wee bit.  I loved these pictures of Charlie and his friend Gracie playing and tugging on each others faces hehehe. 

Before I glue anything down I like to arrange everything and take a picture.  Then I piece the layout together piece by piece using that photo as a reference (this helps when I need to sew between putting layers down and would otherwise forget what I'm doing and where I wanted things to go haha)

 I didn't like how the title was floating in mid air so I decided to anchor it using an October Afternoon label sticker.  All materials from this layout are from the kit "Mary Ellen" by the way :)  So anyways, I changed the layout a wee bit and took another picture.

Next I started sewing and using my punches.  I also decided to outline my pieces of paper with black ink to give it a little POP.  This is the final product :)

Aren't those photo's just darling?  I hope you like the layout, be back for more soon!  Have a fabulous holiday weekend everybody!


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