Friday, August 5, 2011

Always Happy

Hi everyone!  Just stopping by to show another layout I made of Charlie using's kit Truly Scrumptious.  The colors are just so fun and I'm really enjoying crafting with bright summery shades lately :)  They match Mr. Charlie's personality quite well!

We're off to Washington state for a week on Sunday.....a 6hr non stop flight with a 1 year old mega-squirmer who cannot stand being held.  PLEASE offer me some wisdom!  Please!  Or if you could just sit with him for 6 hrs while I nap in my seat alone during the flight that would be helpful too.....

I hope you enjoy!  Don't forget to leave some baby traveling advice- pretty please!!


  1. Awesome LO!! Love all the details. I wish you luck on that flight. I would like to give some helpful advise but 2 years ago (my last time flying with my kids) I was 4 months pregnant and had to fly with my 3 other kids ALONE. Thankfully one was 11 and able to help but the other two were 9 months and 18 months. It was quite the trip. Have a great vacation!! 6 hours will be well worth it to having a week to spend with your family on vacation. LOTS of snacks. :-)

  2. I just realized I calculated their age a little wrong. One of my kids was 9 months and the other was 21 months. LOL!

  3. I think I stressed myself out way too much before I flew with my little guy..who was only 4 mos at the time. I was so stressed about what the other people would think if my son cried. Now looking back who cares? Parents have to fly with their kids too!

    My advice is a few new toys he has never seen, and lots of snacks. I am not one to put television on for my kids but, now might be a good time for a dvd or two. Elmo worked for my 16 mos old on a 5 hr car ride.

    Good luck, and enjoy your trip!!

  4. I love love love the colors here!!!! Great layout :)


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