Wednesday, August 24, 2011

First Class Flying

Hi there everyone!  Long time no see :)  I haven't dropped off the face of the planet- I was in Washington State visiting family last week and I've been busy working and scrapping since then! I've been getting projects ready for the Paper Variety's One Year Blogoversary Blog Hop which should be lots of fun, make sure to head on over there September 7th to see all the great fun and prizes they have in store :)

In other news, thanks for all the travel advice!  The plane ride out there was pretty tiring but Charlie mostly behaved (with the exception of an hour long melt down on the ride home that i'm pretending didn't happen haha)....being in first class instead of coach helped a LOT.  We wanted the extra space and we were also hoping Charlie would be exposed to less germs if he wasn't ass to elbows with strangers back in coach.  Unfortunately a couple days after we got to Seattle he came down with the flu :(  He almost went a whole YEAR without being sick (we have a nanny to keep him out of daycare that I think is part of the reason) but it had to happen sooner or later.  Because Charlie has Cystic Fibrosis he has a very labor intensive sick plan that we must follow whenever he gets sick.  His normal breathing treatments include Albuterol, Chest Physiotherapy, and Pulmicort twice a day (this takes about 30min each session), but we had to bump the treatments up to 4x/day.  This is a challenge under the best circumstances but add in a 3 hour time difference, a new location, a cranky baby, and traveling across the state of WA and it was just about impossible.  Plus we still had to remember all of his other 5 prescription medications he needs throughout the day.  it was exhausting!!!

But we had a wonderful time anyways! My Aunt Penny is a fabulous host and we also traveled to Othello, WA to visit my 91 year old Grandfather who finally got to meet Charlie.  Seattle is such a great city, it's so clean and it's just beautiful.  I ate sooooo much food it was ridiculous (but oh so tasty).  Othello is a really crazy town too, it's all farming so it's very different than what I'm used to.  It was a tiring, but totally fun and awesome trip :)  Here's a couple photos (c/o RobbCyr Photography):

NOW- you probably came here to see a scrapbook layout huh?  Well the challenge for this week over at the Paper Variety conveniently is TRAVEL.  Well how about that for timing?  So I made a layout about our plane trip using Noel's kit the Bee's Knees, which has lots of yummy Sass goodness in it.  This layout also works for the challenge over at the Sassafrass Lass blog which is to use 3 colors of their alphas in a layout. 

I hope you like it! Have a great week everyone- and make sure to play along at TPV for a chance to win this awesome prize from The Paper Trail :)



  1. Very cute layout! Not sure how a plane ride will be now with a 1 year old.. it was still manageable with a 6 month old! lol..

  2. Love your layout Cassie, great colours and collections of embellishments :)


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