Thursday, August 25, 2011

Our CF Clinic Routine

Hi all! Just a few layouts and some cards to share with you today.

Crate Paper (my faaaavorite!) is having a challenge to scrap your "Routine", so of course I think of Charlie's CF [Cystic Fibrosis] routine since it takes up so much of my days.  I had some pictures from our visit to the CF clinic back in December that I thought would be perfect.  While a doctor's visit may not seem "routine" to most parents, it defnitely is for us!  When Charlie was younger I was bringing him to the CF Clinic monthly (where he meets with a nutritionist, pulmonologist, PT nurses, social worker, and clinicians), having a visiting nurse come by weekly, bringing him to the GI doctor bi monthly, and then hauling him to all of his normal pediatrician appointments as well - and that's not counting any bonus visits to the Children's Hospital for xrays, etc! It definitely felt like all I did for 2 straight months was bring Charlie to the doctor or go to the pharmacy to pick up prescriptions haha! 

Anyways, here are the layouts- lots of little tiny details tucked away in these babies :)

On our way to Pulmonary (aka the CF Clinic aka Hartford Children's Medical Center)

And the photo's from the CF Clinic:

And a couple cards I've made.  One was a thank you to my GrandpaDad for having us come to visit- this tractor from Crate Paper was calling his name since he's a farmer :)

Here are a few Valentine's Day cards I made using's kit Truly Scrumptious :)


  1. Love these projects Cassie. I didn't realise your son had CF, wow, it's amazing to read how many trips and people he has to meet on a regular basis, CF is something I don't know much about so it was interesting to read. Great LO's, love all of the layers and colours :)
    Hannah :)

  2. Gorgeous layouts Cassie. It's so important to scrapbook the "everyday" normal. :)

  3. Cassie, I didn't know Charlie has CF. Wow, you definitely do have to be on top of it all. Thanks for the tips on the meds and binder. Both girls have been on different medications so it's difficult to keep it all straight. We're going to their allergist and asthma doctor in a couple weeks and I'm going to push for more testing and answers as to why they keep having these severe attacks. I'm starting to feel like we need to live in a bubble! :) It's just so scary when they can't breathe!


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