Friday, November 18, 2011

Yellow and Gray Color Combo

Hello!  Back again (lots of posts this week huh?) to share with you the Challenge that I'm hosting at the Burlap and Buttercups blog!  I challenge you all to use a yellow and gray color scheme in your paper project.  If you post your project up on B&B's blog you'll be entered to win a $15 GC....which you most definitely want because her kits are perfection.

Anyways, here is my take.  These are photo's of the first time we ever gave Charlie a nebulizer treatment, way back when.  Now he gets them all the time (at least 2x/day) so they're old hat :).  Since Nebulizer Treatment is a mouthful we just call it his "nebs" (thus the title).  In case you're a new follower: Charlie has Cystic Fibrosis, which means he produces lots of thick sticky mucus.  It clogs up his lungs and digestive system so he has a hard time breathing, gaining weight, and just staying healthy in general. 

Hope you like it, make sure you play along!!

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