Friday, February 17, 2012

Precocious Paper Projects

Hello hello everybody!  Here today to share some projects I made using the Precocious Paper February Sampler "For Like Ever" which is absolutely adorable :) 

First, I made a Valentine's Day wreath.  I hand rolled the flowers (which took "for like ever".....get it? ha. ha. ha.) and then used some of the accessories in the sample to embellish, like the bow, cupcake poppy, leaves, doily, and ribbon.  Photos by my very talented husband of course!

Next a few layouts! The first is made with the crinkle flower and the second is made with the confetti, envelope, and sewing pattern flower included in the sampler.

Alrighty! That's it for today, have a great weekend guys!


  1. They are all fabulous projects Cassie!!! I can not imagine the time you spent making that wreath!!!


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