Monday, April 30, 2012


Hey ladies!  I'm here today to show a layout I just made using the new Jack and Jill kit from the fabulous and using a sketch from Creative Scrappers.

The layout is about some of my favorite sayings of Charlie's.  And of course I forgot like half of them now that I'm looking at it again (he knows ears, nose, mouth, hair, and could i forget that?! lol).  Lately we've been playing the "LOUD LOUD LOUD quiet quiet quiet" game which has been quite fun.  He's talking up a storm lately....altho I think my favorite saying of his is calling an elephant "Elphie".  This kid is just too cute :)

Also wanted to share some cute Easter photos.....didn't Mr. Charlie look oh so dapper in his bowtie?

I know what you're thinking- this is a GREAT photo....Robb must have taken it, right?  WRONG!  *I* took it!  Yeah, that's right!  Okay maybe Robb had all the settings done and ready to go so all I had to was press the shutter button (is that what it's called?) but STILL.  Talent.  Recognize.

(all of the rest are taken by RobbCyr  and BBBBTTTTWWWW if you live in CT and are in need of a wedding/baby/anything photographer Robb Cyr is your man.  He'll also give you a discount if you tell him I sent ya!)

Sneaking a piece of Easter candy without his enzymes!!  Caught red handed my boy!

Charlie and Daddy :)

These next two are from last week....I just had to share, Charlie is getting this big curly mop of red hair, can't believe he is 20 Months already!!

This kid tries to wear just about everything as a hat :P

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