Friday, May 11, 2012

Cystic Fibrosis Awareness/ Layouts

Hi everyone!!  Diiiiiiiiid you know that May is Cystic Fibrosis Awareness Month?  Didja didja?  Unless you have a kid with CF (or you yourself have it!) my guess is that you didn't!  So here I am to make you aware :)

Most of you know that my son, Charlie, has Cystic Fibrosis.  For those of you that don't here's a basic breakdown of what it is:

CF is a chronic genetic illness that causes the body to produce excess thick sticky mucus.  This mucus clogs up the digestive system and most people with CF can't digest food, have trouble gaining weight, and have a host of   other digestive issues (CF specific diabetes, reflux, feeding tubes, etc etc).  The mucus also clogs up the lungs, damaging tissue, making it difficult to breathe, and making a nice cozy home for bacteria to thrive.  So along with the digestive issues (which is huge in itself) CF patients also have major lung problems.....many require lung transplants.  To battle all this mucus damage CF patients are on TONS of medication and must adhere to a very strict routine for maintaing respiratory health (including more medecine, puffers, nebulizers, shaking vests, chest physiotherapy, and on and on).  Fifty years ago most CF children didn't make it past elementary school-- now the median age is 30's (with early diagnosis, medication, and treatment).  I am very thankful for all the medecine they have to help treat and manage CF -but unfortunately there is no cure.

SOooooo Charlie has a very labor intensive routine (well not compared to some older CF patients but compared to most 21 month olds at least) that I've documented HERE.  I also like to scrap about Charlie's CF.  It's such a HUGE part of his life, and just his day to day routine, that it kind of seems like to a lie to scrapbook everything about him BUT this, KWIM?

So here's a few of the latest CF related layouts I've made, just in time for CF Awareness Month.  I used Noel Mignon's kit Homespun for all.  Enjoy!

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