Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Mother's Day

Hiiiiii peoples!  Lots of posts lately, making up for the past few weeks when I haven't been very good about posting :)  Anyways I hope those of you that are mommies out there had a nice Mother's Day!!

I definitely did- my Mom and Dad came over so I cooked brunch, which was fun because I never have time to cook anymore!  Then Robb went off to work and Charlie and I had the day to ourselves.  He was actually cuddly (maybe he just knew it was Mother's Day lol) so that was a nice change of pace!

Here's the card I made for my mom....the inside has a drawing by Charlie (which also conveniently hides the stitching on the inside cover).  The felt rose is by Precocious Paper, so pretty!

And here is the card that Charlie/Bonnie (his nanny) made me!! Isn't it so adorable??!  I also got lots of flowers, a facial, a massage (looking forward to those last 2 a LOT), and my dad got me 4x six packs of non alcholic beer.  LOL He knows me all too well :)

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