Saturday, July 28, 2012

Wedding and Bridal Shower Invitations and a Week of Giveaways!

Hi everyone!!  I have a few invitations to share with you today but first I want to tell you some exciting news!  I have spent all night sorting and purging through my craft supplies and I have packaged up 5 prize packs to give away- wahoo!  Soooo the giveaways will be everyday, starting this coming Monday through Friday.  Each day I will have a prize package to give away to one lucky follower and also a new project to share.  In order to be eligible to win you need to be a follower on my blog and that's pretty much it!  So make sure you stop on back bright and early Monday morning to enter yourself for a chance to win

Now onto other things!  One of my friends is getting married in September (I've previously shown a layout or two about her) and I'm a bridesmaid.  I also volunteered to work on the Bridal Shower and Wedding invitations, since they involve paper and I like that kinda thing (just a tad....).  Anyways, I wanted to share the finished products with you.  My husband did all the graphic work on both invitations, he's so handy to have around I tell ya!

Here are the bridal shower invitations, the shower is going to be Garden themed.  Each invitation had a different vintage looking key tied around it (Tim Holtz!).  I also decorated the envelopes with a cute little flower stamp.  I made 30 of these invites, which ended up taking forever when you factor in all the sewing!  Ahh well, they got in the post eventually lol!

For the wedding invites the bride had found an example invite that she loved and our job was to duplicate it. It came out looking strikingly similar IMO.  Here is what she wanted:

And this is what we came up with.  Not exaaaaactly the same but pretty gosh darn close!  

Something Robb did that turned out so darn cute was hiding little K's and J's in the damask pattern!  Adds a nice touch doesnt it?

Here's everything together: the invite and envelope, RSVP Card, Registry ticket, and RSVP envelope.

Pretty cute all put together like that right?  The wedding is bird themed so that little lovebird stamp is just too perfect (which Charlie stole from Michaels unbeknownst to myself until later in the day!  lol, oooooops......).  We made 100 of these invites, but there were 3 of us working on it so we amazingly got them all finished in one night!  Needless to say my Crop-a-dile is just about finished after all those eyelets, the hole puncher is beyond dull haha!

So there you have it!  Luckily I don't have a lot of single friends so I won't have to be making 130 invitations in one week again for a long long time because it was stresssssssful! haha.  Anyways, the garden themed bridal shower will be in a few weeks so I'll be sure to share pictures from that soon!  

And just one more reminder to stop by this week for my big week full of giveaways!!!  (sneak peek below!)

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  1. I LOVE these!!! Would love a step by step on how you did them.....


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