Sunday, August 26, 2012

Lovely Lovely Lovely Love

Oh so many lovely layouts!  Not necessarily lovely by anything I did but because the theme is all about LOVE!  And there's a Yo Gabba Gabbe song called "lovely love" and that's all I can think of whenever I see these layouts.  Technically a Roots song from a Yo Gabba Gabba episode but whatever.  You get it right?  right?

Before I share layouts, in other news, my Mr. Charlie is turning 2!  TWO!  What the hell right?  Who said that shit could happen?  I didn't.

anyways Im super thrilled for it, I have the whole week off work AND i just bought him the most bangin' home kitchen set our pathetic little budget could afford ;)  I hope he loooooves it, cannot wait to give it to him!  His birthday for realsie is on Tuesday so Robb and I are heading to the CT Science Museum (weird his scientist momma wants to bring him there right?  In my defense they're having a dinosaur exhibition.  which will be kick you in the pants awesome).  But then we're having a beach party next Saturday too!  Woot woot!  I hope my handsome little man has a GRRRRRREAT birthday :)

Speaking of my handsome man, here are some layouts about him!  The first two feature some pics of us sticking our tongues out.  That was a wonderful day when I taught him that, such a proud momma....lolz

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