Tuesday, August 28, 2012

What To Do When Charlie Turns Two?!

Oh me oh my, my kidlet is two!  Holy geeeez!  I remember 2 years ago sitting right where I am now in my living room literally having a complete breakdown involving many tears, screaming, and crying and hours and hours of pushing before rushing off to the hospital for an emergency C section.  It was just plain miserable and then one year ago (on Charlie's first birthday) was Hurricane Irene, so we were holed up inside with a massive storm going on outside.  This year we made up for it :)  Kinda :/ haha.  We went to the CT Science Museum, had lunch at the Polish National House (freakin delicious btw), played at Bushnell Park, rode the carousel at Bushnell Park, picked up at cake at Modern Pastry, watched movies at home, and just had an all around fun day!  Filled of course with a thousand 2 year old toddler temper tantrums.  Gotta love those right?  *eyeroll*

Sidenote:  Is there a generally accepted emoticon for an eyeroll?  I feel like an idiot typing it out like that.  

Double Sidenote: Isn't it annoying when people type the word "Laugh"?  Ugh, I dunno why but it bothersssssss me.  I'm a fan of "haha" or "lol" or if someone is ridiculously funny I've been known to throw out an "lololzozlozlzolzozzzzzzzlololzzzzz" like a 12 yr old girl.  So I dunno, who's the lame one now?


Isn't he so darling?  Love that kid!

In honor of Charlie's big TWO I have a layout featuring his Top Ten Favorites at Two :) Made using Noel Mignon's kit Homespun. Way busier than I ever do (no negative space?!) but I enjoy it just the same....I feel like toddlers minds are all cluttered so it goes with the theme hehe.

In case you're wondering Charlie's top ten favorites are (drum roll please!)

1. Balls (we have so many.  and he loves to throw them, move them, and just carry them around in case of an emergency [for example, if someones not tripping.  and charlie wants them to be.  BOOM.  Here's a ball you didn't notice.  Now you're on the floor.])

2. Yo Gabba Gabba (well duh.  This is probably because I like it so much and always choose to put it on Netflix for him during his treatments haha.  Runner ups include Fresh Beat Band, Super Why, and Chuck the Truck.  Any other moms out there have a crush on Twist?  It's not really as inappropriate as it seems coz the dude is 28 or summin.  Sooooo, it's not creepy..... right?)

3. Chips (anything crunchy and salty! Luckily he requires a high fat diet so I don't even have to feel guilty about it hehe)

4. Trains and Cars (All boy all the way)

5. Emma (Our pug/boston terrier.  So cute, he loves to chase her around and give her hugs.  She's a great sport and puts up with it valiantly)

6. Puddles (what toddler doesn't like splashing?)

7. Dr Seuss (this might be another one mom pushed pretty hard lol)

8. Coloring (he's getting an easel for his birthday party on Sunday from his Auntie! Can't wait, he's gonna love it)

9. Water and the Beach (luckily grandparents have a beach house!)

10. Running and Shrieking (literally.  All the time.  Part of the cause of his tantrums today...running too fast, falling, bloody lips)

So there you have it!

This is getting LONG.  One last tidbit.....you may or may not have seen me here on the Crate Paper blog (http://crate.typepad.com/cratepaper/2012/08/cp-creative-weekly-pattern-paper-challenge-winner.html), yipppeeee!  Can't wait to play with the two new collections :)

Hope everyone is doing great! I will update soon with pics from the bridal shower (for real this time!) and if you're awaiting a goodie package it is on its way and should be to you shortly!



  1. What a GREAT LO!! Happy birthday to your totally adorable and super duper CUUUTTEEE little man!!


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