Sunday, September 30, 2012

Crate Paper Challenges

Hi everyone!  Well my husband and I are too darn busy to be able to do a layout photo session so I'm saying "screw it!" and just posting the crappy cell phone pics that I have.  Sorry for the icky photos, but otherwise you'd be waiting months to see 'em haha.

Anyways, I decided to play along with the two most recent challenges at the Crate Paper blog.  This project is for the "All Natural/Woodgrain" challenge.  While this layout didn't win you might have seen it featured on the Crate Paper blog ;)

I made the starbust design myself using gray, white grid, and wood grain papers.  I thought these pictures of Charlie standing next to an old wooden shed fit the theme nicely.  Plus he looks cute.  Double win.  All of the layouts I'm sharing today are from this past Easter, Charlie wore a bow tie and looked oh so dapper.

This layout was for the color challenge: Salmon, Carnation Pink, and Taupe.  Bah, too many pink color challenges IMO but I went for it anyways with a super simple Easter layout.

And lastly, a page for fun using Noel Mignon's kit "Primrose Lane".  

That's all I got for today, check back later in the week for more projects!  Have a great Sunday :)


Monday, September 17, 2012

Shower Graffiti and Pinterest

Hey everyone!

Have you guys bought the bath time crayons for your little ones yet?  You can get em cheap at Target so I decided to buy a set because Charlie (being two) just loves to color.  But man, he's been getting out of control lately.  A few nights ago I went to go wash my face before bed (after Dad had given Charlie his bath) and this is what I found

And a few nights after that.....

 How rude!  Although I'm impressed by his spelling and drawing skills, I would prefer he not be applying his considerable talents towards devil worship and "Parents Drool" type sentiments....

In other news.  I'm on Pinterest.  Have been for ages but kept forgetting to mention it here.  You're probably there too!  Add me!  Username: GlueMeetsPaper.

In other, other news, one of my layouts has been making the rounds on Pinterest and has over 1600 repins.  Pretty nifty!  I'd share it here but it's "Out for Publication", although Pinterest doesn't count apparently?  I know of no way to take it down at least.  anyways, thought that was pretty cool!  Thanks for pinning my stuff ladies :D

Hope all is well!  I promise I'll share some scrappy goodness soon :)


Sunday, September 16, 2012

Pretty Much the Best Invention Ever

Yup, that's Charlie.  Yup, he's doing a respiratory treatment 100% by himself.  Just chillin out watching some Thomas the Train.  So, you ask, what made this glorious moment possible?  THE VEST!

OMG. Love his vest.  LOVE it.  Charlie was just deemed old enough at 2 to get a respiratory therapy vest and it is amaze.  Basically, it's a vest is connected to a big air compressor (see the big thick tubes in the photo).  Then the air compressor starts, puffs up the vest, and starts shaking Charlie around like a paint can. This loosens up all of his mucus very effectively without the need for manual chest clapping!!!!  (oh btw if you're new, Charlie has CF, blah blah go here to learn more blah blah).  So instead of having to wrestle a squirmy and busy two year old boy we just put on his vest, give him his nebulizer to hold in front of his face (which amazingly he does?! Even when we're not in the room?) and boom.  He's good to go.  Which gives me 20min free to do other crap; like dishes and laundry (of course I check in about every 3-5 minutes).

So woot!  If you invented The Vest, you are my hero.

In scrappy news, I have lots of layouts to share but Robb's been busy with Senior Portraits and Weddings to take pictures of them for me.  I will share by the end of the month tho.  I also have some exciting Guest Designer and new Design Team news but can't share quite yet!  Soon tho!  And of course both of those commitments have projects due within 2 days of each other (and I'm still waiting on boxes) so I'm going to be feverishly scrapping once those boxes come in.  Can't wait though, it'll be fun fun fun!  I'll share more details when I can :)  That's it for today, hope you all had a great weekend!


Saturday, September 1, 2012

Garden Party Themed Bridal Shower

Hello hello!  I'm here to share some photos of the Garden Party themed Bridal Shower I co-hosted a few weeks ago for my friend.  My mom was nice enough to let us host it at her home, because she has the worlds best backyard garden :)  These pics were taken before the party but it gives you an idea of what we were working with hehe

gorgeous huh?  My mom does that all herself!  My dad is also a metal sculptor and they have a friend of the family that blows glass, so you'll see a lot of cool artwork and blown glass around the garden too.

The day of the party it was raining on and off so a lot of the decorations we planned ended up being inside instead of outside.  For example, these awesome sewing hoops that my friend made were supposed to hang from the trees outside, but we ended up with them in the living room instead.  That same friend also made about a thousand awesome crepe paper roses as decor (I stopped by to help her and I was there for 4 hours and made like two.  They took FOREVER, but were so cool). They were in vases all throughout the house

All the food was set up outside.  We used mismatched ivory lace tableclothes for all the tables.  The drinks were either a hard lemonade or regular lemonade, served in white carboys alongside mason jars and striped straws.  cute right?!  Can't really see in the photo but it looked nice, I promise!

On the menu was 

Crudite Platter with Green Goddess Dip and Carmelized Onion Dip
Chicken Satay Skewers w peanut sauce
Prosciutto wrapped roasted asparagus
Tomato, Basil, Mozzarella skewers
Stuffed Mushrooms (bride to be fav)
Three types of mac and cheese (Lobster, Jalapeno and bacon, and regular...another bride to be fav)
Cheese platter (and I don't skimp when it comes to a cheese was probably my favorite part lol)

I wish I had more photos of the food but I was too busy cooking!  As soon as everyone finished eating it started downpouring so we pretty much had to run everything back inside as fast as possible, so no photo ops!

In terms of decorations:

First, I made garland and a banner to hang.  The garland was hand punched and sewn from hundreds of little birds and butterflies.  I thought it was pretty funny that the bride to be didn't realize I had made the garland myself and just assumed I bought it ;)  I really liked how delicate it looked, especially alongside the sewing hoops with the lace ribbon.

I also made a banner that said "From Miss to Mrs" on it that hung over the entrance way.  You can see the dessert table in these photos (the best part IMHO)

And here's the dessert!  One of the other bridesmaids is an amazing baker and she put together the entire table (including vases of the bride to be's favorite candy!) was not only GORGEOUS, it was delicious! I ate far too many of those damn cupcakes (um red velvet, can you blame me??)

The favors were little seed planters, matching the brides colors (blue and orange)

And heres a photo of some of us :)  Were all scientists together at Protein Sciences, the girl on the left made the desserts, the girl in the middle is the bride to be, and the girl on the right is yours truly (I know.  my boobs looked awesome that day)

Here's some of us bridesmaids in the garden (once it stopped raining!)

And in case you missed the first posts, here are the invitations I sent and a butterfly wreath I made for decor :)  

Alrighty! That's it for today, hope you like seeing what we came up with :) Sorry for the crappy pictures, I wish Robb had been there to photograph the occassion but someone had to watch Charlie!  Be back with more layouts to share soon!