Sunday, September 16, 2012

Pretty Much the Best Invention Ever

Yup, that's Charlie.  Yup, he's doing a respiratory treatment 100% by himself.  Just chillin out watching some Thomas the Train.  So, you ask, what made this glorious moment possible?  THE VEST!

OMG. Love his vest.  LOVE it.  Charlie was just deemed old enough at 2 to get a respiratory therapy vest and it is amaze.  Basically, it's a vest is connected to a big air compressor (see the big thick tubes in the photo).  Then the air compressor starts, puffs up the vest, and starts shaking Charlie around like a paint can. This loosens up all of his mucus very effectively without the need for manual chest clapping!!!!  (oh btw if you're new, Charlie has CF, blah blah go here to learn more blah blah).  So instead of having to wrestle a squirmy and busy two year old boy we just put on his vest, give him his nebulizer to hold in front of his face (which amazingly he does?! Even when we're not in the room?) and boom.  He's good to go.  Which gives me 20min free to do other crap; like dishes and laundry (of course I check in about every 3-5 minutes).

So woot!  If you invented The Vest, you are my hero.

In scrappy news, I have lots of layouts to share but Robb's been busy with Senior Portraits and Weddings to take pictures of them for me.  I will share by the end of the month tho.  I also have some exciting Guest Designer and new Design Team news but can't share quite yet!  Soon tho!  And of course both of those commitments have projects due within 2 days of each other (and I'm still waiting on boxes) so I'm going to be feverishly scrapping once those boxes come in.  Can't wait though, it'll be fun fun fun!  I'll share more details when I can :)  That's it for today, hope you all had a great weekend!


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