Monday, September 17, 2012

Shower Graffiti and Pinterest

Hey everyone!

Have you guys bought the bath time crayons for your little ones yet?  You can get em cheap at Target so I decided to buy a set because Charlie (being two) just loves to color.  But man, he's been getting out of control lately.  A few nights ago I went to go wash my face before bed (after Dad had given Charlie his bath) and this is what I found

And a few nights after that.....

 How rude!  Although I'm impressed by his spelling and drawing skills, I would prefer he not be applying his considerable talents towards devil worship and "Parents Drool" type sentiments....

In other news.  I'm on Pinterest.  Have been for ages but kept forgetting to mention it here.  You're probably there too!  Add me!  Username: GlueMeetsPaper.

In other, other news, one of my layouts has been making the rounds on Pinterest and has over 1600 repins.  Pretty nifty!  I'd share it here but it's "Out for Publication", although Pinterest doesn't count apparently?  I know of no way to take it down at least.  anyways, thought that was pretty cool!  Thanks for pinning my stuff ladies :D

Hope all is well!  I promise I'll share some scrappy goodness soon :)


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  1. Awesomeness!!!! I am pretty addicted to Pinterest myself. I probably spend more time PINNING crafts than I could ever spend completing them in a lifetime LOL.



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