Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Changes in 2013 and a New Header

Hi everyone!  I'm going to start updating my blog more often so get used to seeing more of me!  Yes yes yes I am!  Busy schedule be damned ;)

First up, I have a new header to share!  Check it out:

Whatcha think?  I loved the color scheme from this pin on Pinterest so I wanted to replicate it, I think I got decently close but maybe a little more masculine because I added the dark brown:

And in case you forgot these were my last two headers (for the 3 years before that I think that I just used nothing?  How blah! lol)



So I was thinking about some of my interests the other day and decided I want to change some of the focus on my blog.  Main focus is definitely still scrapbooking/cardmaking/papercrafting.  Absolutely!  But I want to start bringing in some other parts of my life in here.  This way I will be able to update more often even if I don't have a scrapbook layout to share, plus, maybe there'll be something there that catches your interest as well!  Here's what I'm thinking the blog will be broken down into

1. Scrapbooking and all things crafty
2. Freezer Meals
3. Family Photo's, CF Maintenance, etc
4. Weight Loss (this is mostly for my accountability haha! I'll keep you posted on my progress and that will hopefully keep me progressing, KWIM?)

I think it might be fun to add a few more points of interest to the blog and I will be posting an introductory post on each topic so you can see where I'll be going with it.  I've become quite the freezer meal expert in the past few months as well so I'm looking forward to sharing what I've learned ;)  So what do you guys think? Sound like fun to you?


  1. Oh I'm so happy about the freezer meal idea! I've been wanting to do that and I haven't had a chance so this will be nice to see how you manage the time to do it! Also how did you do your header? I want to change mine!

  2. Great to hear :) I'll be doing that post sometime today or tomorrow most likely! I made the header by cutting a 12x3.5in rectangle, decorating it and then having my husband to all the hard stuff (photographing and resizing). Once it was photographed I was able to upload it using blogger to the header section of my blog layout. Pretty painless really :)

  3. 1. Fun Fun Fun!!!
    2. Fun Fun Fun!!!
    3. Fun Fun Fun!!!
    4. Fun Fun Fun!!!


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