Monday, January 21, 2013

Shrimp Scampi with Cauliflower Rice

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Hi everyone!  I'm here to share an example of how we're working the Atkins thing in with the freezer meal thing.  Here's an example of what we had for dinner last night.  First, I grabbed a shrimp scampi freezer meal.  This recipe is super easy and double yum.  I made 4 of these meals at once (bags of frozen shrimp were on sale!) a month or so ago -- I just dumped one bag of peeled shrimp into each container added some wine/oil and covered with the butter/panko/shallot topping (i just quadrupled the recipe then split it into 4 portions). I love this recipe because I don't need to let them thaw overnight before cooking. I can cook it straight from frozen.   There's also LOTS of liquid sauce so it works nicely because you can put it over pasta or rice and still have enough sauce to coat.

Since I can't have pasta or rice I decided to try out a cauliflower rice recipe I had heard about.  Once the shrimp was cooking away in the oven I cut a head of cauliflower into small florets (stems too!) and processed in the food processor for a few pulses until it looked like rice.  Then I added to a pan and started sauteeing. I added some garlic powder, salt, pepper, and parmesan cheese just to give it some extra flavor.

Once it was rice like in texture and cooked through I started assembling dinner!  First, salads with some tomatoes and feta cheese.

Then the cauliflower rice.

Next the shrimp scampi was done.  Typically I would brown the top but Charlie's dinner was getting cold (he had hot dogs, tater tots, and cheese sticks.  boy were those tots tempting, I so wanted to steal one! lol) and I needed to get moving.

So I just added some shrimp and sauce to the cauliflower rice and voila, I was done.  Took about 15 minutes of work to make a full meal for Robb and I and a separate meal for Charlie.

The cauliflower rice was actually pretty tasty, kind of like cous cous-- it was so easy we'll definitely be having it again! Robb was a happy customer :)

Technically the panko isn't very Atkins friendly but there wasn't that much of it.  The only other unhealthy thing in the meal was the butter and little bit of wine in the sauce but butter is Atkins friendly so whatever!

So that was a low carb/freezer meal!  Hope you enjoy, and try out the recipe, it's super yummy :)  I'll be back in a few days to share some  new scrapbooking layouts!

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