Sunday, February 17, 2013

Ch Ch Ch Changes

Hi everyone!  First off, if you won my magazine giveaway I haven't gotten to the post office yet!  Sorry :(  I got a few publications so I figure I'll make just one trip to the post office instead of two, but it might take me a couple more days to get my publication items packaged and ready to go.  But I haven't forgot.  It'll happen!

In other news, my last day of work was on Friday.  It was so bittersweet!  I was sick of my company, the high cost of insurance, the low pay, the lack of overtime pay despite overtime hours, the unmanageable deadlines, and the impossibility to move up.  Oh and the hour long commute.  And 10 hour Saturdays.  ETC.  However, despite these annoying things I also liked a lot too.  I liked that I was in charge of systems that depended on organization.  I liked that I was good at my job and performing laboratory assays.  I loved the people I worked with.  I liked the flexbility, joking around, and happy hours.

However, starting in September, between the bills piling up (to the point where we actually had negative money in our bank account), having to quit Design Teams because I was working so many hours, missing weekends with my family, missing my father in laws funeral, and the stress I decided it was time to start looking hard for another job.  And I got one! yippee!  And Robb's been working more side photography jobs so that's been nice too.  Anyways, I start my new job on Tuesday.  I'm still a Quality Control Scientist (technically an Analyst I suppose), but this job is actually a step down from what I was doing previously.  But that's okay.  The pay is better, the insurance is better, and the commute is actually 10 minutes shorter.  So I can live with that.

I'm so very bummed to be leaving my friends and colleagues at my last job, and kind of dreading this new job.  I'm thrilled to have it, and I'm very curious to see what the future holds- don't get me wrong!  However having to dress up to work again? Wear makeup again?  Make all new friends?  No carpooling? Starting out as the new person again?  Doing bitch work until I prove myself?  UGH!  Gonna be a lot of changes, but I'm sure they'll be for the better.  Who cares though, really? If our bills are getting paid and we can save up enough money to open our pool this summer (unlike last year lol), than it's worth it right?

Anyways, between the news that I'd be leaving and the stress of trying to rapid fire all my remaining work into a couple weeks (and going out with my colleagues while I still could!) I put the Atkins on a back burner. Robb is doing GREAT though, he's down something like 25lbs and he looks fantastic!  I'm going to start again soon as well :)  So I'll keep you posted once I start kicking some weight loss ass too :)

Well I have some layouts to share but I don't like the pictures I took so you'll have to wait another few days until I can strong arm Robb into taking some decent ones for me :)  Hope everything is well with you guys!  Any changes on your horizon?



  1. Congrats on the new job!!! I know how hard it can be to change from your comfort zone but I am sure you are going to be GREAT!!!
    Good luck on all your publication submissions :)

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