Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Our Kissing Booth and Storm Nemo

Hi everyone! I'm here to share some pictures of our adorable kissing booth, as promised :)  I think these pictures came out darling! I made the kissing booth out of a piece of card board, paint, and a sharpie.  I decorated it using pieces of Noel Mignon's Charm School kit.  We used some ribbon to hang it off some photo rod thing Robb already owned and we took the pictures in our dining room.  Hope you love the pictures as much as I do :)

 awww! couldn't you see that in an advertisement for GAP or something? I just love it!

 Check out that swagger! lol

Kissing booths are the lead cause of cooties.  fact.

Waiting for customers (this was SO much work to get him to actually stand BEHIND the booth lol)

 enamored by the big bright lights hanging out in our dining room :)

awwww kisses for daddy!

This bucket was far more exciting than that kissing booth I spent two hours making (at least according to Charlie lol). I mean, how many cars can you stuff inside a kissing booth? none! but you can put like 20 in that bucket..... haha

In other news, CT got totally slammed by a stupid blizzard.  We got about 30" overnight Friday here in Norwich but some of the rest of the state got way more.  SO glad that I wasn't part of the 36" crowd! however my work WAS (since i work an hour away), so I had Friday and Monday off work.  It was super fun to spend time with Charlie and the hubs but I was kinda going stir crazy so happy to be back at work lol.  Here's some photos:

Charlie's such a little helper, he saw his daddy shoveling so he wanted to as well! He kept asking "shovel snow? shovel snow?" for days lol.  I pretty much stayed on the porch freezing my tush off and hating the snow and winter and blizzards and being outside. lol. Did you get stuck in the snow too??

Be back in a few days with more updates :)

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  1. Oh gosh! How sweet that you made this kissing booth! I feel like I've watched Charlie grow up as I've been following your blog for a while now. He's getting so big! Love the swagger and the photo of him looking up at the lights! Super sweet. Thanks for always sharing your photos. Boy, you sure did get the snow! But that's great that you had a few days off! TFS.


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