Monday, February 4, 2013

Winner Winners! And Updates

Hi everyone! Sorry this is a few days late, how obnoxiousssssss.  I never should have said I'd pull winners on Friday lol, but anyways here are the winners for my magazine giveaways.  I'll probably get them in the mail sometime in the next week or so.

Northridge Publishing Prize Pack

ScubaScrapperBrandi said

"Oh wow! This a a very generous giveaway! I would love to win prize 1 (only because I have been a multiple-year subscriber to 3 of the 5 mags in prize 2). I have been a follower of your amazingly inspiring blog for a while now. You are so talented!!! By the way, I have been enjoying your recipes (haven't tried any yet, but will let you know when I do)."

CK/Scrapbooks Etc/Scrapbook and Cards Today Prize Pack

Jessica said

"Wow what a GREAT collection of mags for this giveaway! I can only image the inspiration I can gain for these! Thanks so much for the chance to win one :) Happy Hump Day! Jessic" 

Yay! So if you won email me at with your mailing address.   In other news, my husband and I will be bringing Charlie to see Yo Gabba Gabba live this coming Saturday! I'm sooooo excited! When I first went to look at tickets it looked like it would be too expensive but then I got found a Groupon for 52% off! So I was able to snag some and now I can't wait, Charlie digs his Yo Gabba ;) We have the Yo Gabba Gabba Live DVD and he literally starts crying when it's over lol.

Speaking of Charlie, I figure I'll do a little Charlie CF update today.

Charlie was found to be Pseudomonas positive this past September.  (Charlie has Cystic Fibrosis, you can see posts about this HERE or HERE).  This was a huge bummer for us, Pseudomonas is a pretty nasty bacteria for CF patients and it's notoriously hard to get rid of it.  Usually many CF patients will start culturing this in their teens, but since Charlie is only 2 we were pretty unhappy about it.  So when Charlie was first diagnosed with Pseudomonas we got a call from the Director of the CF Center we attend (that's how you know it's a big deal lol) and we started him immediately on an inhaled antibiotic called TOBI and also Zithromycin, which helps weaken the Pseudomonas bacteria to the TOBI.  This added an extra 30 minutes to each breathing treatment (totaling 2 hours per day now) and then his medication total added up to about 10 different types of medication per DAY (administered like 16 times per day).  Bummer.

So we did the TOBI  for 2 months and then stopped it and did another throat culture.  This treatment regimen gets rid of Psuedomonas in appx 75% of the patients that try it and we were so upset to learn that it did not work for Charlie.  So now Charlie will be on TOBI cycles and the zithromycin for the forseeable future to help prevent it from growing out of control (one month on and one month off to prevent resistance).  Wicked bummer.  Plus the TOBI is nasty nasty stuff- it irritates me just sitting next to Charlie so imagine how much it bothers him, poor little dude.  It makes him cough and gives him nosebleeds, but he's usually a trooper about it (60/40 lol). 

Aside from that Charlie is kicking ass though.  His weight is doing well (surprising considering he only eats hot dogs lately lol) and he is as boisterous as ever.  His grandparents got him a racecar bed for Christmas which he adores.  He's pretty much transitioned over to it (and before you start thinking I'm a horrible parent I put outlet covers on that outlet before he started sleeping in the bed lol) and its gone quite smoothly.

Oh except for that time we accidentally left out the baby powder and then put him down for a nap, lol :o

We also did a fun little photo shoot this Saturday; I made a kissing booth from cardboard and Robb took some photos of Charlie behind it on white seamless.  He looked so handsome :) I'm going to share photo's once my husband edits them but here's a sneak peak at the kissing booth I made.  I used Noel Mignon's kit "Charm School" to make the sign and the heart garland (Charlie helped punch the hearts too!)

BTW I'm on Instagram (most of these pictures have been shared there already), if you care to follow you can find me under GlueMeetsPaper :) 

Alrighty, that's all folks! Long update for today eh? 

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  1. Whoo Hoo!!!Thanks so much!!! I just sent you an email!
    Congrats to the other winner also :)
    What a cutie your little man is!!! And so very photogenic!! Thanks for sharing more of his story!!
    And hope you will share some of those photo shoot pics here as well!


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