Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Jillian and I

I feel like I should be writing that with little hearts and stars around Jillian's name, because I have become SUCH a humongous Jillian Michaels fan lol. 

I haven't updated about my weight loss endeavours very recently because as you know I fell right off that Atkins wagon.  My husband? He's rockin it, down 25lbs and counting!  Go Robbie!  I just had a hard time fitting it into my lifestyle and then I lost motivation verrrrry quickly with the switch to the new job.

So I thought to myself, what should I try?  Weight Watchers? That's always worked in the past.  But then I remembered my old buddy, Jillian Michaels.  I used her program this past summer and lost about 20lbs before I fell off the wagon.  I used it a bit but didn't record my food or really listen to what she suggested- I used her site as a spring board and then did my own thing.  Well this time I'm totally committed and I'm taking the time to learn everything that Jillian tries to teach her members.  And it is WORKING!  I'm down almost 11lbs in about 3 weeks, which has been awesome and I feel great.  I want to lose another 10-15lbs before my trip to Puerto Rico in May :)  I'll share a photo when the weight loss is actually noticeable to someone besides myself lol.

If you don't know about Jillian Michaels website I'll give you a quick breakdown.  She sets up your meal plan for the week (and a shopping list), she gives you customized daily workouts, and you also have access to her Podcasts (awesome) and the community messageboards.  It's a great service, and cheaper than Weight Watchers.  It's basically counting calories (calories in < calories out), clean eating, and getting moving. 

One device she offers that I've found very helpful is the BodyMedia 360 Navigator arm band.  This is typically $120, so way out of my price range.  However I sold my old Nike FuelBand for $90 and then got a discount on the armband with my membership so it only cost $10 at the end of the day ;)  It's so darn cool, it measures calories burned, intensity level, foot steps taken, sleep efficiency, and integrates with Jillian's website where I record my food intake.  So it gives me my calorie defecit each day and it's super helpful to see that number every night.  I LOVE it.  You can see an example of the dashboard below.  It is NOT mine (I promise, i do NOT weight 320 pounds, not that there's anything wrong with that), I just grabbed it off Google Images.  But it's cool, you can expand on each section and you get a little graph of expenditures over time (like when I get up from my desk to pee every 3 minutes, thanks to having to 'stay hydrated', I can see peaks on my little graph. Or should I call them pee-ks? lollolz).

I also adore her workout DVDs- right when I decide to give it 50% I hear Jillian going "I know you're tired! Don't give up! Come on you gotta work for it!" and it convinces me to really dig deep.  She's on tour right now and is coming to Worcester April 30th but alas no one else is as obsessed with Jillian as I am so I'll probably sit it out :(

Before I started my new job I bought myself a pair of pants.  They were 1-2 sizes smaller than the pants I normally wear.  These are my goal pants, they're super cute and I really want to wear them.  I think about them every morning and hopefully I will squeeze into them in a few more weeks!

Oh and btw theyre on sale at Old Navy right now for $22 .  Perfect spring jeans right?

Well anyways I just wanted to check in to let you know that I'm still working at this! It's not easy fitting in working out into my busy schedule but I really love the sense of accomplishment I get when I'm done (plus it's been crazy to see how quickly I'm improving).  I'll be back in another month or so with a picture of myself rocking those jeans lol!

In other news, I will choose a winner for my big giveaway tomorrow!!


  1. Keep up the good work! I know it can be hard at times but the rewards are always what is worth it in the end!

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