Monday, April 15, 2013

Blogs I love


I thought it would be fun to share my favorite blogs and then have you guys share yours!  I'd love some new suggestions, so we'll do a swap.  These are just a few of my favorite blogs that I follow.

My Most Favoritest Scrappy Ladies:

Christine Middlecamp
Paige Evans
Stephanie Howell
Heidi Sonboul
Amy Heller
Dear Lizzy and Paper Party
Jennifer Chesnick
Jill Cornell
Amy Tangerine
Suzy Plantamura
Emily Spahn

My Most Favoritest Manufacturers:

Noel Mignon Kit Club
Gossamer Blue Kit Club
Crate Paper (duh)
My Minds Eye
American Crafts
October Afternoon
Studio Calico

My Most Favoritest Non Scrappy Blogs:

Mama Laughlin:  Funny and sassy weight loss blog, love Brandi - I think she's hilarious :)
Stephanie Nielson: Just an interesting life/motivational blog about a woman and her husband who were in a massive plane accident
What's Cookin, Chicago?: Great recipes, especially for freezer meals!
Blissful and Domestic: Budgeting and thrifty tips.  I'm working on this :)
Bowl Full of Lemons: All about organization, love her uber-organized house.  I want I want. 
2nd Chance at Life: a blog by a 22 year old girl with CF who just had a double lung transplant.  I found her blog from watching THIS really informative and enlightening documentary.  You guys are all organ donors right?!

One question: how do I follow wordpress/typepad blogs using blogger?  I'm finding it increasingly annoying that I have to bookmark the majority of these blogs and then remember to visit them every week or so.  It would be so nice to see them on my blog feed.  How do I do this?  And without having to use a 'reader' app, just on my regular blogger feed? Anyone? Bueller? Bueller?

Anywaysssss, now it's your turn!  What are your favorite blogs?  Aside from mine, of course, which is the best blog out there.  obviously. 


  1. sweet are you! :) Thanks for including me on your list! You put a huge smile on my face today! I don't always comment but I definitely read your blog and enjoy your posts. You have me inspired to try out some of your recipes and I always love seeing your work.

  2. I just came across this after I got a hit from your blog. Thank you! This totally made my night! :)


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