Monday, April 22, 2013

Easter Fun

Hi everyone,

Sorry it's been a while since Easter and I'm just NOW posting this but it takes a while for Robb to edit photos (partly because he's so busy and partly because we just got Game of Thrones Ssn 1 on DVD haha). 

Anyways.  Charlie looked adorable, however he refused to wear the tie I bought him!  How rude! I was adamant he would wear that damn tie and he had a melt down of epic proportions (apparently to a 2 year old a tie looks very similar to a noose).  So after 3 failed attempts and meltdowns (and a lecture from my husband) I gave up on the tie.  Hmph.  But he still looked very handsome of course so whateverrrrrr. 

We had Easter at my parents house where they hid Easter eggs in the garden (just like last year!).  It's huge and awesome!  Spring has been a little late this year so it wasn't in full bloom but still looked great. Charlie had lots of fun finding the eggs, spilling their contents in the garden, and sneaking jelly beans in without his enzymes.  We also had a yummy lunch, I wish Robb would get photos of my mom's holiday table settings because they're always so perfect (she's an expert at arranging flowers and she always has cute little themed treat baskets at every place setting). 

Charlie finding eggs and playing with the carbeurator in his easter basket (thanks Grandpa lol)

 Charlie and I having fun spraying GrandmaMac with silly string 

Charlie, Grandma, and Cousin Izzy decided to play a little balance game.  You can see the gears in his heard turning in that first picture saying "I wanna knock that overrrr", Izzy holding him back in the second, and him flattening it in the third.  haha, such is having a boy I guess :)

Matching bunnies (Cousin Izzy is the best!)

A few more fun random pics from the day :)

I like this one below, the picture on the left is from last Easter, my my how this boy has grown!  Can you believe he's only 2.5?!  Kid is gigantic! lol

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  1. what beautiful pictures!!! Charlie is one handsome young man :)


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