Friday, April 12, 2013

Smoothies and Other Randomness

Hi!  One last freezer type thing to share today.  I also made these babies this weekend, I usually have a fruit smoothie every day for breakfast.  Well M-R, then on Friday I have a spinach omlette from the on site cafeteria as a 'treat', and Saturday and Sunday I usually have Kashi with honey and strawberries.  Anyways.  I use an Oster MyBlend blender that blends the smoothie right in the cup you drink from, it's super awesome and it was really low cost. 

Every Sunday I usually make up all the smoothies for the week so they're ready to go.  I use store bought frozen organic blueberries, strawberries and raspberries.  I also freeze my own bananas whenever they're on sale (just wrap them individually in saran wrap and throw them in a ziploc bag).  So to make each smoothie:

* One banana
* 1/2cup strawberries
* 1/4cup blueberries
* 1/4cup raspberries
* 6-8ounces of coconut milk (or you can use skim milk too of course)

Blend those babies up and stick em in the freezer.  Every night I take out one bottle and pop it in the fridge, the next morning by the time I get to work it's usually a perfect smoothie consistentcy (keep in mind I have an hour long commute so it's at RT for a little over an hour).  They are about 250 calories each, prolly a little less but I'd just assume over estimate than under estimate!

Other random tidbits from the past few weeks:

Charlie, Robb and I spent a morning at Mystic Seaport playing on the boats:

Cool story about the whaling ships at Mystic: my grandmother was from Nantucket and would play on these whaling boats as a little girl (back when they were in service of course), and now Charlie can go and play on them at Mystic Seaport (where they are historic display ships)!  How cool is that?  Pic below is by Robb because god knows I can't take a photo like that!

Easter was delightful!  I'll do a separate post with Easter photos because Robb got some good ones, but I will tell you that Charlie received a carbeurator in his Easter basket from his gear-head Grandpa LOL.  He keeps walking around with it saying "carbooaturrr".

The issue of CARDs with my card on the COVER is available on-line!  I can't wait to see it in person!  My first cover, eeeek!

Charlie loves to 'feed the piggy'.  In other news, this is the most mismatched outfit ever put on a child in the history of ever.

Alrighty! That's it!  I've lost my scrapping mojo after working so hard to get those Noel Mignon challenges done (and not winning the guest design spot! grr.) that I haven't been scrapping much.  And I've been busy with freezer meals too of course!  But maybe I'll try and get some scrappy time in this weekend :)

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