Thursday, April 25, 2013

T Minus 7 Days

Hi everyone!

I am getting so so SO excited because I will be in Puerto Rico in only 7 (!!!!) days!!  This is amazeeeeeeeeing and I am so shocked and thrilled that it is actually happenning!

This is where we'll be staying!

Now how did my poor ass finagle a trip to Puerto Rico, Rincon to be exact?  Well I'll tell ya- my hubby!  His boss owns a beach front timeshare in Rincon and Robb designs and manages the website.  However, the photos are lacking, because it's a gorgeous location but the pictures don't do it justice.  Sooooo Robb's boss told him we could stay there if he did a few photo shoots.  He made this offer a year or so ago but we couldn't afford the plane ride down there, however 4 months ago when he offered again it just so happenned that Robb had a photo gig that could pay for our flights!  So we've had our tickets booked since January and I keep waiting for something to go wrong lol. 

Robb and I have been together 9 years and have been on exactly 4 vacations together.  A trip to Orlando 8 years ago to visit family, another trip to Orlando 4 years ago for a wedding, our honeymoon in Orlando 5 years ago and a trip to Washington with Charlie 2 years ago to visit family.  We just can't afford to go on a lot of vacations so we pretty much only leave town to visit family or for special events.  That's what makes this trip so special! 

Oh and did I mention Charlie will be staying with Grandma and Grandpa while we're gone?  A whole week in Puerto Rico; just us, beach, books and relaxing!

We will be taking the red eye out of NYC next week and I found a great little restaurant, called LeFarm, that's on the way to airport so I booked dinner reservations.  It's all fresh local CT food and I hear the reviews are great so I'm very excited about trying that place out.  At the risk of sounding like a douchebag Robb and I are total foodies :)

I've never been to Puerto Rico before so I'm hoping you guys can help me with the following

1. What should we do? Where should we visit?
2. Best restaurants? I want to eat lots of fish! and ceviche! and mojitos!
3. What books should I bring? I plan on much beachside reading

Thanks for the tips!


  1. how exciting and this look gorgeous!
    Have a GREAT trip!!!

  2. OMG You must be sooo excited!!!
    The picture looks just amazing!!!!
    In Puerto Rico you will have such wonderful time, it's so romantic there. Night time is beautiful.
    We actually do a lot of vacations between there and the U.S.
    I'm sure you've done a whole lot on your vacations to Orlando lol but have you's been to Cirque de Soleil yet!! It is an absolute MUST if you haven't! Sounds like you go a lot so next time make sure you check it out it's fantastic!
    Here's the link :)

    Enjoy yourselves in Puerto Rico! You're going to love the climate!
    And did you know Puerto Rico is Spanish for "rich port"? lol
    You're so lucky to be going!!!


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