Friday, April 26, 2013

Weight Loss Update Month 2

Hiya friends!  I just figured it was time to share a weight loss update (see Month 1 update HERE).  I've been at it for 2 months now (think I started 01Mar) and I'm down 17lbs, 14 inches, and a pants size.  I was hoping to get to 20lbs by the end of April but that probably won't happen- oh well, no biggie!  It's not a rush, just slow and steady wins the race right?

The exciting news, however, is that I fit into my goal pants (remember I mentioned them in my Month 1 update post?)!!  And more importantly, they fit comfortably too :)  I asked Robb to take some photos of me in them, since I said I would share them, but then he lost them! Sooooo phooey to that.  BUT I'll do a before and after for my Month 3 Update and hopefully that will be more telling anyways :)

I'm still chubby chubby but 17lbs is enough where I can start to see a difference so that's pretty rockin.  I was having a really hard time working out when I got home from work so I started waking up at 530am to fit in a workout and I'm surprised by how much I love it.  Now, just to be clear, it took 2 WEEKS of attempting to wake up at 530am before I actually did it.  2 WEEKS of hitting the snooze button and feeling guilty about it all day and having to cram in last minute nighttime workouts lol.  I finally put my phone on the other side of the room so I'd have to get out of bed to turn off the alarm and that worked.  It's still wierd waking up and immediately working out, but I like having it out of the way first thing and not looming over my head all day.  Plus it gives me extra energy!  And if you're wondering, Jillian Michaels and I are still bro's, I do her DVDs exclusively and I'll be seeing her live in Worcester MA next Tuesday!  Cannot wait for that!

One of the other tips I've really taken to heart is preparing meals ahead of time.  Now I obviously do this with dinner (Freezer Meals!), but I try and do it with breakfast and lunches too.  I'll prepare 4 days of breakfasts and lunches on Sunday; they're all easy to make so it only takes about 30minutes and saves so much time during the week.

Here's a typical day of eating:

0745: Berry Banana Smoothie (250Cal)- I've mentioned these before HERE

1200: Salad with chopped turkey, feta cheese, cherry tomatoes, and 2tbsp dressing (160Cal)
          Sabra Hummus To Go Cup + baby carrots (150Cal)

0330: Chobani Bite Yogurt (100Cal)

0630: Freezer Meal Dinner (appx 400Cal)
          Treat (200Cal): this can be a cookie, glass of wine, crackers, whatever

So that's about 1200 calories per day.  On Fridays I get a spinach omelette and bacon from my work cafeteria because they're delicious but still healthy.  They're around 400 calories but they usually fill me up from breakfast until snack time so I don't bother with lunch. 

The nice thing is that I can make everything ahead of time easily.  For the salads I use Lunch Blox and Stayfit salad containers.  I like the Lunch Blox better because it keeps things segregated, is easy to clean, and holds a lot of salad greens.  Some weeks I'll do sandwiches instead of salads, apples and almond butter instead of hummus, etc just depends on my mood :)

Okay guys, I'll be back next month for another update!  When I return from Puerto Rico I will start Jillian's Body Revolution DVD system, so I will make sure to update about that as well.  Thanks so much for your support :)

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