Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Layouts to Share (about freakin time right?)

Yes yes, I actually have scrapbook layouts to share! Although I'm sure it's impossible to get sick of looking at pictures of Charlie on a scrapbooking blog, right?  right?  Anyways I banged out these two layouts the past couple days to try and get back in the groove of things (and also to avoid doing laundry).  These photos aren't great cause they were taken with my iPhone, lest you think Robb's lost his touch haha (he's busy preparing for shooting a TV commercial tomorrow!)

This one is Christmas themed so it's probably the last layout you want to see but all the Christmas calls are going to be coming up, and I had hardly touched my Christmas Noel Mignon kit, so I got to scrappin'!  This is our Christmas card from last year, the photo is inspired by an idea I saw on (what else?) Pinterest.

And here's a random layout I made using the very last bits of the Homespun kit by Noel Mignon. I tried something completely different and started designing the layout before I had picked my photographs and then pretty much placed my photographs on top of the paper collage.  Very backwards way to do things for me but it was different and fun, not entirely in LOVE with the result but it's cute enough :)

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