Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Mother's Day Weekend

Hi everyone! I had a really fun (and really busy) weekend, how about you?  I enjoyed myself but the house is totally trashed and I still haven't put away the laundry from our trip.  Ooops :/

Anyways, Saturday Robb and I brought Charlie to the circus!  I haven't been to a circus in SO long I forgot how much fun they are.  Charlie actually sat and watched for almost 2 hours before we had to leave early, so that was pretty impressive considering what a squirmer he is lol.  We got cotton candy and a snow cone (all of which Charlie refused to eat) but Robb and I enjoyed them!

 We got Charlie a super over priced little spinny light thingy which he LOVED.  He kept bopping himself on the head with it and then cracking up lol.

Wasn't his circus outfit cuuuuuute?

On Sunday an Edible Arrangement (my faaaaavorite) arrived at our house in the morning!  Yippee! And my grandfather had sent some Mother's Day flowers as well, he's so thoughtful :D  Afterwards Charlie and I headed to my parents beachhouse for lunch and some beach time.  It was sunny at the house but once we walked to the beach (of course Charlie rode in his wagon haha) it was so windy and freeeeezing.  Charlie had a blast though, running around like crazy!

Can we walk to the beach now mommy?  Beach? Beach? BEACH!!!!

So all in all a very fun and relaxing weekend (following a fun and relaxing vacation!), but now it's back to the grind.  Work, eating healthy, excercise....booooooring! haha :)

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