Tuesday, May 21, 2013

New London Food Stroll and Blog Reccomendation

Hi peoples!  Just a quick stop by today to share about the New London Food Stroll that I attended last week.  New London is a cute little New Englad town right on the water here in CT that's undergone some major updates in the past 15 years.  I used to go to New London all the time as a teenager to a little club called the El n Gee to watch rock concerts- which is still there!  Since then, New London has really become a fun, artsy town covered with murals and filled with yummy restaurants and bars.

Cute little Main Street, right?

Robb and I came to New London a few months ago when he had two of his photographs on display at their Hygenic Art Photography Show (one of which was an honorable mention! woot woot) but it has been a while since I've been back. I finally went back down last week for their annual Food Stroll.  It was the kind of food stroll I like, you pay for the ticket and then gorge on free samples :D (I hate it when you have to buy samples individually!). I never realized how many restaurants were crammed into downtown New London, we were going into a new restaurant every few steps to try out their food! Thank goodness for all that walking because I might have totally pigged out that night haha.  Lots of delicious samples, including many seafood dishes which I was quite happy about!  I think my favorite was a seafood paella with fried plantains and a teeny tiny mojito to go with it.  Perhaps I liked this the best because it reminded me of Puerto Rico ;)

Anyways, I went with a few friends- including Amanda, who has already written about the night on her blog which you can find HERE.  Amanda's blog is full of great content like fashion, decorating, crafting, and lifestyle posts .  She showcases her amazing and unique sense of style (plus she's cute as a button!)
 and has a weekly blog post called "Etsy Everything" where she shares some really awesome Etsy shops and their products.  So head on over to her blog and show her some love- you won't be disappointed!

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