Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Our First Trip to the ER

Hi everyone, I'm going to update you while half asleep right now *yawn*, long story short- Charlie got sick and we had to bring him to the emergency room last night.  I'm assuming (but not hoping!) this is probably just the first of a slew of trips to the hospital so I guess now we know what to expect.

Sick Daddy cuddles :(

So to start- Charlie was feeling sick all day.  Robb had the day off (because our nanny needed a day off) and stayed home with Charlie and noticed he had a fever.  His fever crept up to 103F and he was acting very, very sick.  Usually even when Charlie's sick he's pretty high energy so this was pretty unusual for him.  He had a fever all day so we called the CF Clinic and the pediatricians.  I got home around 430 to stop by briefly before going to dinner with my friend and seeing Jillian Michaels' 'Maximize Your Life Tour' in Worcester (which obviously didn't happen haha).  I had never seen the poor kid so sick, he was burning up and just totally not himself. 

The CF Center called back around 445 and told us based on what Robb had told them we should go to the ER and get him checked out.  I asked which one (since we live an hour away from the Hartford Children's Hopsital, which is where his CF doctors are) and they said it would be better to go to Hartford.  I've heard the convention for a fever and ER visits is usually 104/105F, and a fever that lasts for more than a day, but we figured maybe they knew something we didn't so we got ourselves ready to go.

Now here's the thing- when you have a kid with CF you can't just head to the ER.  There's a chance that they could want to give him a 2 week course of IV antibiotics, or keep him for a few days for observation, or a million other reasons they might want to admit him.  So we can't just head out the door, we need to bring supplies.  We hurried and packed up his overnight bag, his Vest machine, his nebulizer, his nebulizer parts, all 9 of his medications and syringes, his blankie, doggie, and some books.  This alone was a pain in the ass.

On the way to the ER he threw up in the car, and I hadn't remembered to pack towels.  Lesson learned haha (and that's why he's wearing PJs in all these photos!).

Anyways, we got to the ER and Charlie was still feeling yucky.  One of the nice things was that since he has CF we didn't have to wait in the main waiting room and we got a private room to wait.  But it was so nerve wracking hearing little kids hacking and coughing and just thinking about all the germs in the hospital he could get.  We were using Purell like no one's business.

Waiting waiting waiting waiting

The nurse gave Charlie some Motrin and within the hour he was feeling better.  We had given him Tylenol but not tried Motrin, which either did the trick or his fever broke on its own.  At any rate, he saw 3 nurses and 2 doctors (all of which repeated the same exact things the other person had done)-- none of which were his CF doctors which is kind of why we went to Hartford in the freaking first place instead of the hospital 5 min from our house.  After 2.5 hours of waiting and waiting and waiting Charlie was starting to act normal again and his fever had gone down.  However, we didn't get to actually leave for another 1.5hours.  Someone came by telling us we had to get a chest X ray.  We were like "Um, all his doctors say his lungs sound clear.  We've been here for 3 hours and he's acting better, why would we stay another 2 hours to get a chest Xray that we don't need?", so that didn't happen but it still took forEVER to get discharged. So Robb and I really feel like we had to spend 4 hours in a germ ridden ER room for absolutely no reason.  And on Jillian Michaels night of all nights!

Charlie feeling better and acting like a goofball :)

Robb and I were/are very angry that they had us come into the ER at all, especially the one that's an hour away.  His fever wasn't SUPER high, it had only been one day, and they could have just told us to try Motrin. Or it would have been so much faster, easier, and less crowded to go to the ER 5 minutes from our house.

So anyways we finally got out of there and got home pretty late.  Charlie didn't sleep great and as of this morning still has a fever of 101F, poor little guy, plus he was still throwing up.  But we're lucky it's nothing super serious, just looks like a viral thing, and thankfully he didn't have to be admitted to the hospital!  However we did learn quite a few things for next time from this busy crazy night

1. Always ask if it's REALLY necessary to go to the ER
2. Always go to the ER close to our house instead of going to Hartford because there's no benefit to the CCMC ER.
3. Don't be afraid to say no doing procedures to the sake of procedures.
4. Try Motrin before Tylenol

This is how I had to leave Charlie this am before work :(((( Poor little fella.

Obviously we're hoping he gets better in the next day or two since our trip to Puerto Rico is tomorrow.  Here's hoping we'll still be able to go!!


  1. Awwww.....poor Charlie! What an adventure!
    Hoping he is doing better REALLY soon!!!

  2. I'm sorry that Charlie got sick, for your bad hospital experience, and that you missed Jillian on top of it all. Also, I think I remember a doctor telling me recently that Advil or Motrin was better for fever reduction (than Tylenol) (my little boy had strep). Wish I had known that earlier! Hope Charlie is better tomorrow.


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