Friday, May 17, 2013

Puerto Rico Part 2: A Sunset Dinner on the Beach

Hi again! I'm here today to share some pictures of a really beautiful sunset beachside dinner Robb and I had, cooked by yours truly :)

We knew we wanted to do an on location dinner shoot at the house for promo photos but we figured we'd just grill up some hot dogs or something.  But then one morning we saw a food truck selling fresh fish so we decided to grab a fresh whole yellowtail.  There was also a little fruit and veggie stand nearby so I picked up some red onion, limes, avocado, and local mangoes.  YUM.  I wanted cilantro but it looked pretty bad so I held off. 

Anyways, it's always hard cooking in someone else's house but I thought we pulled it off pretty nicely!  I discovered some cumin, cayenne, and Adobo seasoning in the cupboards so I was able to make a pretty tasty dinner! 

I made a mango guacamole by dicing mangoes, an avocado, 1/2 red onion and then adding some salt, cumin, cayenne pepper, and the juice of 1 lime.  I love adding cumin to guacamole- it makes it taste so freaking good!

The fish was a little tougher since I had never cooked a whole fish before.  I sprinkled the whole thing with salt and Adobo seasoning and then stuffed the cavity with 1/2 lime cut into wedges and 1/2 red onion.  I wrapped the whole thing in tin foil and then we cooked it up on the grill. 

Here's our finished result- it was super tasty, fresh, and light.  Plus a beachside dinner at sunset can't be beat #amiright?

We had a few meals at home to try and save money but we did have some really awesome meals/cocktails during our vacation.  SO much of the food in Puerto Rico was fried so we had a bit of a challenge trying to find something light and relatively healthy.  Here are a few of the culinary highlights of our trip :)
LeFarm, Westport, CT

Wesport in the springtime, the town looked like a movie town, so pretty!

We stopped here on the way to JFK prior to leaving.  It was scrumptious!  It was pricey but totally fresh, unique, and tasty.  I got fried risotto balls with clam butter for a starter and shrimp and grits for dinner.  Robb got foie gras to start and beef cheeks for dinner-- this was one of the rare occassions in our relationship where he out ordered me!  I almost always choose the better dishes but Robb's food was definitely outright fantastic....unfortunately this trend continued our whole stupid vacation haha.
Escape at Casa Verde

BEST drink of my entire life.  No, for real.  All the drinks were made with super freshly squeezed juices, so the mojito was to die for.  That was great, but the BEST drink I've ever had EVER was a Cucumber Watermelon cocktail.  OMG.  It was muddled mint and cucumber mixed with fresh watermelon juice and vodka, chilled, strained and absolutely deliciuos.  Dinner was great too, but man those drinks were fantastic! (and if you wondering if Robb out ordered me here- yes he did, he ordered that drink first lol)

Villa Confresi

This place had wonderful beachside dining.  We went right at sunset which was superb.  While we were admiring the sunset we got these awesome cocktails made in a coconut!  Robb saw this online and was obsessed with getting a coconut drink from this place and they did not disappoint.  You can see approximately 100 drinks on our table for just the two of us haha.

Ode to the Elephants

The view from the roof top where we were eating
This was a cool Thai place in Rincon.  It was up many flights of stairs to a rooftop restaurant with awesome views overlooking the forest and the ocean.  The food was very yummy and reasonably priced but the service left something to be desired (this seemed to be a trend in PR)

Okay guys, one more Puerto Rico post and then I'll be done, promise ;)

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