Saturday, May 18, 2013

Puerto Rico Part 3: What We Did

Hi everyone! I promise this will be my last post about Puerto Rico :P  This post is about what we did while we were down there, which quite honestly wasn't very much lol!  That's the point right?  Well you already know that we went out and got dinner and cocktails a few nights, and had a nice dinner at home, so pretty much the rest of the vacation was lounging!  Robb ended up shooting far longer than we had anticipated so we hung around the house most days.

Which of course lead to a sunburn of epic proportions (ps nice cleavage)

One day I went snorkeling in the back yard and found these little treasures :)  I tried to go a few other days after that but the ocean was too rough so I couldn't see anything :(

I also figured out the perfect recipe for beach waves.  Take that Pinterest!

I thought it would be fun, since I bought a new wardrobe before my trip, to show you guys all the cute outfits I wore.  But literally I only wore 3 outfits, i mean it was HOT.  Most days was a bathing suit (which is why I came home with about 50 bug bites.  quite literally. that might be an underestimate).  But at any rate, here are my beachy outfits that I managed to wear (you might notice I like stripes lol).

Our villa has a little atrium inside it and we kept discovering crabs in the living room!  It was so funny!  At first we thought one had escaped from the beach so we put it out on the sand, only to find it dead like a day later.  Then we realized that the crabs came from the atrium and were terrestrial crabs....oops :/.  We kept finding crabs downstairs though so after that we returned them to the right place!

And here are a few last instagrams from our trip (you can follow me at UserName: GlueMeetsPaper)

 Robb is always the photographer :)

The last day in PR we decided we would actually leave the house and explore around, maybe go horseback riding or jet skiing but of course it was a torrential downpour that entire day lol.

We had a great time but missed Charlie bear bunches!  He stayed with his grandparents and had an awesome time with them.  We did facetime everday but we also came up with this little calendar.  Robb asked me to make a little countdown chart for Charlie so he'd know how long it would be until we got home.  Of course he asked this the morning of the day we were leaving so I didn't have time to do anything super fancy but Charlie helped me pull this little guy together.  He put stickers at the end of each day as a marker for how many days until we came back :)

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