Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Spring Cleaning and Organizing

Goodbye favorite pair of sneakers :( I guess 11 years is too long to have a pair of shoes....

Hi everyone!  Hope you guys had a great Memorial Day :) I'll share some pictures from mine later in the week.  I have definitely gotten the "Spring Cleaning Bug" lately so Robb was kind enough to take Charlie for an afternoon so I could work on organizing our bedroom and closet.  I thought I'd share some of the projects I've been working on.  Robb brought Charlie to ride the Essex Steam Train and CT Riverboat- Robb said he had a blast, that boy loves trains!

First up, I organized all of my necklaces and bracelets on these little hooks.  I like being able to see what I have at a glance so this solution was perfect for me :)  I bought the hooks for like $5 at Target.  I also picked up this earring organizer from Amazon a few weeks ago- looks nice and clean!  Although since I'm crafty I technically should have made one myself from an old picture frame and some chicken wire.....

I also have a clear box organizer for my bracelets and watches

and a clear organizer for my make-up (from Target).  I recently picked up the Urban Decay Naked palette and I looooooove it! 

Most other things in my bedroom I like to store in wicker baskets (also from Target).  Everything looks so much better in a little basket then it does just lying on the dresser or stacked in a pile!  It's also possible I have an Essie obsession :P

Next up I had to tackle the closet.  We have a pretty decently sized closet that has become overrun with stuff over the last year or so.  I decided to take out all of my purses and store them on hooks behind the second bedroom door.  This option worked really well- I just used cheap stick on hooks from Lowe's and my purses fit in that space perfectly.  You might notice I love Coach ;)  I typically can't actually afford Coach, though, so most of those bags are hand me downs from my mom!

I also organized all my shoes and got rid of probably 10 pairs that no longer fit and had been floating around for years taking up space.  I also sorted through all of Robb and I's clothes that were hanging in there.  There will be a BIG bag going to Goodwill in the next few days!

Lastly I took on our Master bathroom. This was easy because I stuck to the "make a place for everything" technique by using baskets and little glass jars.  I think it looks so much neater all segragated like this.

 Our shower is really oddly shaped (slanted walls) so there was never anywhere to put all of our shampoos and bath stuff, which was so annoying.  I finally decided on a little cubby system that is right outside of the shower, plus it holds all of Charlie's bath toys.  Look how much stuff it holds!  (PS all this stuff used to be on the bathtub floor.  seriously. it was very difficult to take a shower lol).

I also store lots of cleaning supplies, extra bottles of shampoo + conditioner, and hair stuff in a organizer on the bathroom door (the side that no one actually sees that leads into the bedroom).

So that's what I was able to get done on Saturday- I think it looks pretty good :) Thanks Robbie for giving me some toddler-free time to do it!

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