Friday, May 24, 2013

Stitch Fix for Plus Size Girls

Hi everyone! I was so excited yesterday to come home to a Stitch Fix box!  Now I'm sure you've heard about Stitch Fix already from the thousands of other ladies that have written about it, but if not I'll give a super quick breakdown.  You have to first get on the waitlist (took me over 2 months to get in!), and then once you do you fill out a Style Profile with your preferences (you can link your Pinterest account), sizes, etc.  Then you can schedule a Stitch Fix whenever you want- monthly, once every 3 months, etc.  I don't know how often I'll schedule my fixes-- maybe every 2 months?  Anyways, they send you a box full of 5 items handpicked based on your style.  You try them on, and send back anything that you don't like in a prepaid shipping envelope within 3 days.  Pretty neat huh?

If you think that's something that would be fun here is my referral code:
If you sign up through that code you'll get on the waitlist plus I get a $25 credit which sure would be nice!

I know so many people have done Stitch Fix reviews already but none of them was chubby like me so I really didn't know what to expect with my fix.  I was very pleasantly surprised by quite a few of the choices they sent, so I thought I'd show you and you can help me decide which items to keep!

SN: please don't mind my grossness.  I had just come home from work, and since I work in a lab I don't bother with make up and stuff.  Prepare yourself for dirty mirror selfies......

I love these little cards they put on the items with styling suggestions- so clever!
First up was this sweater, which I really didn't like when I pulled it out of the box. But once I put it on I decided it was super cute (PS that's my stupid work badge. I probably should have taken it off.  oops). Only problem with this sweater is that it's pretty pricey : / so I'm torn on this one

Next up was this super adorable girly red top that I LOVED but alas it was too small and I looked absurd   :(  Oh well!  Onwards!

My jewelry item was this cute bracelet set.  I told my stylist that I liked nautical anything so she sent these bracelets with stars on them.  I liked them but I don't wear bracelets very often, especially red ones, so they're probably not worth the price.

Next up was this tank top with beaded detail along the collar.  I liked this as well but too small!  Somehow it makes my boobs like gigantic though.  Robb liked that part haha.

Isn't the detail on the striping so pretty?

Last up was this striped dress.  I do have a pretty gnarly stripe obsession (which is probably bad considering I'm chubby) so I loved this dress as soon as I saw it.  I also like that it's a bit shorter than most XL dresses out there, I like to show off my legs some times :).  So the dress for me is a definite yes!

So that was my stitch fix! I thought my stylist did a very nice job!  I honestly half expected nothing in the box to fit because XL sizes are so varied between companies but I was pleased that a few things did.  I think another 10-15lbs and everything will fit a lot better, and that should be happenning hopefully by the time I get my next Stitch Fix :) I think next month I'll ask for some more pastels, like mint and coral, and maybe a necklace. 

So what do you think?  What should I do about that sweater?

ETA: See Stitch Fix #2 HERE and Stitch Fix #3 HERE


  1. I hope you kept that sweater! It looked great. I'm enjoying my stitch fix, but sizing is a problem. My boobs are medium but my post-4 kids tummy is not!

  2. I had the same dress in my box, I wish I would have had the red tank!

  3. The sweater does look good on you, but if you don't love it, it's probably not worth the splurge. StitchFix has some really cute and unique items, but that looks like something you could find elsewhere.

  4. Girl, I'm a chubby StitchFix-er too! Glad to see another (non size 2) blogger talking about Stitch Fix! I think the striped dress looks great on you!

  5. Cassie - did you see you are featured on the Stitch Fix blog?! Awesome! Love that dress! Bummer the red tank didn't work out!

  6. Love your post! I've had three fixes and since a lot of the blogs that have posted about StitchFix have been skinnier girls, I had no comparison as to the fit for someone like me who is larger. Your experience somewhat mirrors mine where they are trying to pin down my style preferences and what works for my body (i.e. my tummy, arms, and sometimes chest tend to be too tight for some of the clothing). Keep posting, love to see what your next fix will be like!

    1. You should check out they specialize in stylin women size 10 and up.

  7. Thank you! So glad I found you! I've been on the wait list for 8 weeks and look to be the same size as you (although it appears I may have larger hips). I am so glad to learn that they may actually have cute stuff that will fit me!


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  9. Thank you so much! I'm thinking about signing up for StichFix, but being a size 14, looking at all the blog posts from single digit size ladies wasn't particularly helpful. But your post has been really great, and encouraging!

    1. Check out they specialize in curvy women size 10 and up.


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